A FACT ABOUT BABY ANIMALS; Do you know what a baby goat is called? A kid! Yup, just like we call our young little nose picking rambunctious brats! It’s not really much of a surprise why they’re called kids like human children. Goats are known for being highly playful and adventurous. They enjoy having a good time and getting in trouble. They’ll run about, climb onto everything they can, ram other animals and humans too and more. But what kid doesn’t wanna have fun?! | Animal blog | Photo credit

It's almost Labor Day.

That can only mean one thing: live birthing cam, brought to you by Animal Planet and the Nebraska State Fair!

Now, those three words may make you run for hills, like these micropiglets:

But don’t worry! It isn’t that bad; it’s the miracle of life! Plus you get to see cute baby farm animals like:


Chicks (minus the kitten, sorry everyone)

Newborn lambs

And calves!

So check out the #LaborLive birthing cam on or Animal Planet L!VE from now until Labor Day on September 1st! 

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Future veterinarian

Could there be anything cuter than watching baby humans interact with baby animals? I highly doubt it. 

Our neighbor’s “Where the Wild Things Are” first birthday party included a petting zoo, and my little girl was overflowing with excitement when she got to play with the baby farm animals.

While her brother was not entertained for long enough for Daddy to snap a picture of him (the playscape won out in the end), this little lady could’ve stayed in the enclosed pen petting baby goats, bunnies, pigs, and chicks for days if it were up to her. 

I was blown away by how gentle and sweet she was with each baby animal. She would squat down on their level, talk softly to them, and somehow she even seemed to naturally know things like approaching animals with an open hand so as not to intimidate. 

These are the moments in life that just make your heart swell.