So, I re-watched snk with my mom and then I asked her about her favorite character and she said:

"Armin!, At first I thought he was weak but he isn’t. He is brilliant and very intelligent, I like him."

Thanks mom, I like Armin too.

…she also said she likes Mikasa because she is super macho.

My love for 30-something and 40-something men is getting weird. It’s not even a romantic thing, I just wanna give them puppies and ice cream. 



Until we fulfill our dream together, I will care for you, protect you, motivate you and help get you through everything.


Ok so what if this apparent joke about Stiles’ cute crush on Lydia made them miss an important clue about Stiles’ condition? Aiden and Lydia both seem to believe that Stiles framed Lydia’s drawing and was meaning to give it to her as a gift, but that doesn’t make a lot of sense now, does it? Stiles used to have a schoolboy crush on Lydia and would buy her things (flat-screen TV, jewelry, etc.) but their relationship has evolved so much over the past couple of seasons. I feel like there is more than meets the eye about this scene. I think the part of Stiles that is trapped inside of him is trying to leave clues and this is one of them. Maybe he was urging Lydia to go back to the Nemeton because she might find some answers there?


      A little late, a little stumbling and heart aching I am
        wishing you a happy birthday my dearest Sunggyu. 
        My beloved muse, inspiration and safety -

                  I love you with all of my heart,
                                                now and forever.