206 days ago i decided to put myself out there and message this girl. I had been following her for a while and was so captivated by everything i had seen. Not only was she breathtakingly beautiful, but she was also kind and compassionate and intelligent, she was perfect and she needed to know it. I was a stranger and didnt expect a reply, but I was pleasantly surprised when i saw i had a message back from her. Ive since spent the past 206 days exchanging thousands of text messages, hundreds of pictures and spending countless hours on facetime with her, each day falling a little more. She is more perfect than i ever could have imagined and even with 1200 miles keeping us apart she has made me happier than i ever knew i could be. I cant believe in 17 days she will finally be in my arms. I am truly so beyond lucky to be able to call this girl mine. Missing you like crazy babygirl ๐Ÿ’• place0fperfecti0n