I planted this Catalpa tree about 6 or 7 years ago. I dug it up as a wee little sprout growing along the Smokey hill river in oakdale park in Salina. It has grown to be quite lovely despite the drought. #Babslife #catalpa #babsyoga #treepose

This is one of my favorite spots. It’s our little moveable deck in the backyard. With four boy spawn, it’s hard to get away to do yoga or just chill out but I do love our big backyard. #springbalance @humblebeginningsyoga @treehouseohm @sequellife_bp @shauna_harrison #halfmoonpose #babsyoga I was so tired today after running around grocery shopping with the whole fam that I couldn’t find my balance hardly at all. Surprisingly this was my not so easy to balance side.

Practice practice!! gripping between the boards so I don’t slip and getting on my toes to push forward to get over my arms farther. I felt much more able to push with my arms! #yogalove #backbendlove @sarendipity8 @black3dahlia #babsyoga