Super Junior's 6th Anniversary messages from official site

- “To E.L.F♥ It’s our 6th Anniversary ~♥ Let’s love each other more in the future!

Sungmin - To: Dear E.L.F.❤
We have been in love for 6 years now!! We have to last for~ever! >3< I have to occupy the hearts of our E.L.F♡

Eunhyuk - “I love you:: these amazing people ♥”

Leeteuk - Ever so loving and grateful (for your) existence. E.L.F!! Super Junior is already 6 years old. SJ and E.L.F let’s write more and more history together in the future! I Love You ♥

Donghae - Daebak!!!
Super Junior 6th Anniversary!!!
Who can stop us!!
We are the best, SJ!
*If they question who who who we are, we show them our results ^-^(lyrics from SUPERMAN)
Don’t forget what I love!
Don’t forget what I like!
Don’t forget that you are the one!
WoW 6 years, without ELF there won’t be us!
Don’t forget that we have to be together in the future as well!
Don’t like anyone else!
Should we get married??
<3 I love you ELF <3

Kyuhyun - Unknowingly, Super Junior is 6(?) finally! These 6 years are time which have spent with everyone~ ♬ As a matter of fact, I’m 5.5 years.. hahahaha~ Anyhow, I am also (a member) of SJ so I’m 6 years too ^-^ There were many enjoyable memories, and memories that I want to erase but in the future, it will be great if we will all only have happy memories~ I will pray! So, for much of the remaining time, don’t cheat on us! Let’s do this together! I love you E.L.F ^-^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Siwon - You guys who are now our companions are the best. I believe that we will continue to walk together in the future.

Ryeowook - E.L.F. who have been with us for 6 years. I love you and I’m also grateful~ I’m really happy. Let us continue.

Shindong - Congratulations!! Super Junior’s 6th year anniversary!!
Since 2005.11.6.  Kkugoong~ (It’s a sound effect)
I’m Super Junior Shindong.
It’s been a while…
I won.. Fool…
When I was young..
If I wrote..
Love paper.. Style..
ㅋㅋㅋ.. Love paper..
(Exchange diary?)…

To. E.L.F.
It has already been 6 years…
I’m sorry always… Now I came to my senses..
I’m so embarrassed..  But thank you for believing me until the end..
I won’t make it more difficult for you so don’t worry…
Actually, I don’t say this often normally… I love you…
I’m going to work hard so let’s do everything together…
Everyone…E.L.F. Let’s be together~

babiettangkoma replied to your postbabiettangkoma said: awww good luck! cheer up bb…

that’s good to hear :D ah yes! I hope this weekend will keeping this awesome weather and I can’t wait for Armageddon too! I’ll go there after straight from my workshop xD thank youu <3 my thesis is doing… okay (i guess) keke

Oh!  How did your day go?
Aww, hopefully it doesn’t give you TOO much trouble D: They’re such annoying things to write >.<

Ohh!! YAYA! SO EXCITING! What day are you going!? I’ve decided to go on Sunday because there’s going to be a SNK cosplay group and I REALLLLLY want to take photos of them :3
But it’s such a shame that there aren’t too many events happening that day D: Going to really miss the KameHameHa contest *sobs*

Is there any celebrities/animation guests/whoever is actually coming this year, you’re keen on meeting/getting signed?
I’m soooo tempted to stand in line for Korra’s VA <3

Fingers crossed for this good weather!

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babiettangkoma said: awww good luck! cheer up bb ;A;

Waaah! I only saw the reply now D:

Thank you very much!

It thankfully didn’t go as bad as I thought it was going to be D:
But it went soooooooooooooooooooooo slow T.T

At least Monday is over and done with! NEXT WEEK MONDAY IS A HOLIDAY~ Yay!

And the weather was great today, yeah? I forgot to take my togs with me this morning to work, so didn’t even get to swim after work *sobs* Maybe tomorrow?

Hopefully the weekend has this good weather! Can’t wait for Armageddon! 

Hope you had a really good day too! And hopefully your thesis isn’t giving you too much trouble!