Sean Ono Lennon, musician, songwriter, composer, illustrator, writer. From all babes I know he is the most sensitive and loving. Admirer of women. Honest and courageous. Perfectionist but forgiving. Currently immensely involved in artists against fracking wich I encourage you to be curious about. Sean is a pure soul that deserve great respect.
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Michael Muller. Photographer. Environmental and political activist. Devoted husband and father. Loyal friend. Avid sports fan. Always moving. Always has a camera and a Big Gulp in his hands. Drives like a monkey.
Uses his creative gifts to help others.
Total babe.
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Sergio Ballester CARBALLO
The name says it all!!! Brilliant kind amazing sweet generous and a cancer to top it off! Best friend, uncle and exbrother in law!
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Friend, colleague, compadre

Robin Turner was born in Wales but I met him in London. For at least three years we shared an office above a tobacconist in Soho and every day was a laugh soaked odyssey of enjoyment. We spent five days a week sitting a few feet away from each other. And then we’d spend the weekends together. Robin turned me on to many records, films, books, TV shows, specialty sandwiches and creative ways to spend the weekend. He’s now sharing his whip sharp wit with the world as an author of three published books and, I’m sure, at least another hundred up his sleeve.
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#paulnewman #babelaunch. Liberal family man with a love for education and undying support for doing things right. He devoted himself to his wife and family for fifty plus years, was proactive about the knowledge of nutrition/healthy eating and aimed to use his fame to better our world. What a guy…sigh.

This is a picture of my husband Steven Katz.
He is a charming writer with a sharp intellect.
Sweet, charming and the love of my life.
Makes me breakfast everyday
What’s not to love.
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My brother Seiya Matsumiya & Bobby Evans

They are in ESP with me and they help me bring my/our visions into the world .
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Nick Gillie. Fierce brave badger. Generous. Poet/storyteller/change maker/actor. Lovable & loving. Amazing friend.
Also hawt.
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@babelaunch @curtisbuchanan takes beautiful pictures, takes care of his friends , takes care of the kids. Good ears …always ready to listen. My friend indeed. Posted by@thelizcarey #babelaunch

Michael Clark. Dancer. Choreographer. Artist. Visionary. Rule Breaker. Earth Shaker. Collaborator with Leigh Bowery, Charles Atlas, The Fall, Wire, Hussein Chalayan, Sarah Lucas, Mikhail Baryshnikov. @babelaunch @plexicondevil #babelaunch #michaelclark

Josiah Steinbrick. Songwriter. Multi instrumentalist. Devoted husband. Keen sense of style. King of witty banter.
Irish Blood, English Heart, Jewish Mind. photo by @ericadaking #babelaunch #themoor

My friend DP and director
@peteralton total Babe and a great dad, fighting the fight for equality (this is at a dinner party my friend Gina and I had for a bunch of men after Gina and I caught 7 fish fishing xxxx) #babelaunch