Baby eyes
  • Baby eyes
  • Koma kun and Clover ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

We get to keep our baby eyes forever! WHOA!

Yeah, technically this version of FNAF is actually over, but hey! 

It’s a father-daughter relationship! I can’t pass over an opportunity to voice a precious daughter away! 

So komaferrer aka Koma kun and I decided to actually voice this, which we did OVER A SKYPE CALL O///0///O! ACTUAL AUDIO RECORDING THROUGH A SKYPE CALL! SQUEE! 

[P.S Koma kun, thanks for voicing this with me^^ You’re a talented actor at voice >w<!!! Squeee]

Anyway enjoy! The bloopers audio will be posted by komaferrer riiiiight


Art by mysticbaconslice [Who is awesome at drawing babehs o3o]


VIXX- Warm Hearted w/ Celebrity

Leo smiled and Vixx played with babies. I think that is enough description for this video hehe~ 

anonymous asked:

Momma, how about blind!Juju caressing Gray and he's like cuddling and nuzzling to her. you know, fluffy fluff drabbles or scenarios,, thank you momma, this is babeh!~ >__< *hides in a corner and hoping for the drabble with sparkling eyes* *__*

{MOMMA KITTY LOVES IT. I’m sorry it’s very short though ><}.

Juvia wasn’t expecting Gray to be home right away, much less pick her up and pull her into his lap.

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crysani-sutton asked:

AHHH!!!!<3YOUR VOICE ACTING ALWAYS BRIGHTENS UP MY DAY!!!<3 OOOHHH I GOTTA MAKE NORE COMICS FOR YA! Always feel free to request anything, whether it's a drawing of Clover, (I'm gonna do your anniversary thing X3) a comic of the sun baby for you to voice, Anything! Never hesitate to ask! It's the least I can do for all of the amazing voice acting you provide! It really does give life to my sun child you know. never hesitate to ask me, okay? I may not get to it right away(school) but I'll do it.

You brighten up my day crysani >////O////<!! Ur the precious sun babeh squee!!

Ahhh I just feel so honored voicing them and it makes me feel really happy seeing your drawings! Like seriously, you draw so beautifully and they always look so cute and squeeee >/////w//////<!!!

Also, omigosh im so happy ur gonna draw the anniversary thingy for me and chewy! It makes me so happy I could just explode from so much happiness!!!! [pshhh not really explode but u get my point X3!]

Anyways, keep drawing crysani and keep being the adorable shiniest sun babeh of them all!! ily sweetie >//w//<!


(please imagine the last part being said in Sam’s heavy southern accent lmao)

Trippin’s conception is actually a great one. Sam - my beautiful, southern, word-fumbling Sam lmao - had trouble saying “Trepan” all night and kept saying stuff like “Traps” and “Trippin”.

so now we’re adopting him as our “wee babeh” and he’s going to have either a lawn mower or grain silo alt mode and he’s part of the funtionalist timeline and he’s going to be the rebel leader or something and piss off a lot of functionalists