path-wanderer asked:

Characters oh, um, ok! Which of your friends characters is your favorite?

I love Nifaux’s Wiccaphobia character. Also her other jelly fish character /)u(\

Cameron’s version of Doll. I love her lots and I gotta draw her sometime

My friend Tommy has these two which are cute, a robot ( Milo ) and their creator, Jaz. Those two precious rolls

Craig’s Athazagoraphobia AND ALSO Diablo ( mah babeh ) characters, and all his creatures

Sigma’s hellhound self is p cool and also their Lucy

Rykitsu’s persona is rly cute omg//

Varsyl’s sugar cube bara Akhi ( LMAo ) bc they are a huge nerd, also the othet characters in their lore

Weretoons’ Big T bc he’s a precious bear bab

Steve’s dragon and his robots are neat I can’t choose I love them all qmq

Mayadile’s Chuckles and also her two twin monster sisters who represent negativity and positivity, and her crocodile sona and also Koleen

Couls’ Cumulus ( precious bab ) and her fucking sona have you seen that shit that’s some monster disney movie shit right there I dig that

Klone’s character, agh whats they’re name I forgot but they have a side cut and- ALLY?? I think that’s they’re name, they’re so kickass

Oh oh I can’t choose between all of Mrs K’s characters.. ( leaning towards bara shark pirate tho )

Mr K’s persona is pretty cool and his upper class robot for Pilot

Cory’s ‘The Voice’ character is my fav and the concept is so fucking rad like holy shit

Riley’s fuckin shark girl, June ok. Let me touch the shout p l e a s e ( also cosmic mama )

I forgot the name but Skill had a orange haired dude and he really looks cool

Momo’s multiple sonas each of them are rly cool

There’s far too many


VIXX- Warm Hearted w/ Celebrity

Leo smiled and Vixx played with babies. I think that is enough description for this video hehe~