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your blog is perfection. it includes not only an amazing and incredibly insightful portrayal of elena gilbert, but a totally awesome sweetheart mun as well. vicki is the bomb diggity & that is all. :)

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sammY IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SHITTY NOT THE CUTEST MESSAGE EVER. ily bae, you’re waaaaaay too nice to me ok

You're So Needy Today (Liam Payne Imagine)

"Babe?" "What?" "Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" "Whaat?!" Liam has been calling me all morning. I’m trying to get work but he’s not letting me. "(Y/N)! Hey! (Y/N)! Babe! Princess!" He whines loudly. "Liam. I’m busy. Could you please stop? I’m trying to work." "Noooooo. I need you." "Shut up, and do something else." "But ba-" "Thats it. You’ve been annoying me all morning. You’re going out. You’re gonna spend some time with the guys, you’ve been at home all week. Go out have fun and then text me once you’re bored." "Baby nooooo." "Go!" I say pushing him out the door. I watch him leave and go to Harry’s house. He looks up at the window and gives me a sad look. I direct him where to go and he goes. Finally. I’m at peace.

I’m already into doing the work and it’s almost finished, the silence helped me concentrate better. My phone begins to vibrate. On the screen the name that appears his the one I dreaded to see. It was Liam. It’s only been an hour, I really hope he’s not going to say he’s bored. “Yes Liam?” “(Y/N) I’m bored, Harry doesn’t want to cuddle with me, he says he wants to go out with the rest of the boys. I wanna go homeeee.” “Liam. Deal with it. You can come home when I, done, bye.” I hang up before he can say another word. I resume to doing my work. 30 minutes into the work and he calls me again. I ignore him, I’m almost finished and he continues to call repeatedly. I turn the phone off to avoid anymore calls.

I’m finished finally. I turn the phone back on. 12 missed calls, 3 voicemails and 27 texts. He’s so clingy and needy today. It’s cute but annoying. I call him back and he answer on the second ring. “BABE! Please say I can go back?!” “Yeah you can” I say giggling. “Okay. Just open the door I’m here.” He can seriously surprise me sometimes. I deliberately walk slow to the door, to make annoy him. He continues to plead for me to open the door. Once I open the door he picks me up and throws me over his shoulders and takes me to the bedroom. “Liam! Put me down!” I try to be serious but I burst into giggles. “No! You’re going to cuddle with me. We’re making up for lost cuddling time.” “Is that why you’re so needy? You wanted to cuddle?” I question as he puts me down on the bed. “Yup.” He jumps onto the bed causing the bed to bounce. He hugs me around my waist and rests his head on shoulder. I hold him around the shoulders just as tight as he does. “You could’ve just said yo-” he answers me already knowing what I’m going to say. “You didn’t give me the chance.” “Sorry.” “It’s okay, nothing’s changed, I still love you the same way.” “I love you too babe.” I say kissing him at the top of the head.

A/N: I will continue to write Zayn Malik Imagines and I’ll still include him in the preferences/ships/MLT’s ☺️