Mother of the Year

Babby dipped a chip in salsa before I could stop him. After he stopped screaming, he said “god damn!” And later on, “that’s hot!”

don’t put them to bed yet dad don’t u see cal is still awake at least

twin striders, older bro john, and dad/adoptive dad egbert for piyo

some of you may remember this, since i’ve been working on it on and off somewhat sporadically since her birthday back in early december haha yes all of my birthday gifts are appallingly late including my girlfriend’s i’m so sorry

a quick thing because i watched free!’s ending TSUN SHARK BABY Q_Q

lmao i bet rin is a big fan and cries at the sad parts of romantic movies

he doesn’t want nitori (or anyone else for that matter) to know so he just watches them when he sleeps over at haru’s and haru doesn’t judge him ok (he doesn’t even understand half the dialogue but he watches anyway) he’s the best