❖ WOW! HOT a What Baabhabhiat

  Slow day. Filled periodically with him reading up on herbs, medicines, the human body, mixed with either girls (or boys), sometimes teaching his practices, or throwing together this and that for something more potent. However, his current activity was cut short when he caught sight of a flashing red in his peripheral vision, causing him to look outside the window a little bit more closely for curiosity sake; someone older than those he’s encountered thus far in his visit from Heaven. 

  He did notice key signs that something was up with them—whether it be fatigue or vertigo, it was obvious in the way they held themselves, the way their walk slowly started to stagger. His advancements in medical related practice paid off..mostly. Suspicions confirmed when they seemingly blacked out and fell forward into the underbrush no more than half a minute after he laid his eyes on them.

  Cue him speed-walking out the door and over to the fallen to pick them up and carry them inside his shop, safely and securely into a bed. Well, maybe he can figure out what’s up with them while they rest… like if it’s an illness, or something.