He arrived yesterday at 6am  & by 12 noon we had a date! I’m so excited to see him. I’m SUPER SUPER HAPPY. Haha! I call myself a happy bee. Everyday is special, but when I’m with him & my family it’s EXTRA EXTRA SPECIAL. ;)

Reese’s + Veronika Decide to Die by Paulo Coelho (which he bought for me) + coffee + camera + him = HAPPY ME!

I can’t explain/express in words how happy and extraordinary yesterday was. Raaaar!! It’s A.W.E.S.O.M.E. 

The fact that he hasn’t enough rest yet, he chose to date me. *blush*

P.S. He told me that he has a surprise for me, and I need to wait until my birthday (January 7). Haaah! I hate waiting, but I have no choice. I need to wait. I wonder what are those.

What I need

After the Christmas break, everything is back to normal again. School stuff such as deadlines, individual and group project and comes with all of these is the famous STRESS! At the moment, I feel so exhausted with all the projects and stuff, plus the events that we are going to push through this coming Tuesday and early February.

And because I know that I just can’t suddenly have a rest and stop working on all of those requirements for days… All I want now is just to have a


whole body massage.

I know this will help for my blood circulation in my body and somehow, my body will feel relax and it will help relieve the stresses.

After all the stressful works, I promise myself that my family, ros (and his family) and I would have a vacation in a serene place, like this. 


I’ll be spending all of my time with them. The only things that I would think of are where will we go next after this & that, what will we eat. Just that, nothing stressful.  


This was last Friday night at Batangas. My boyfriend fetch me and we met up with my friend Hannah. Because, I didn’t show up on her b-day celebration last Oct.9 (because of school errands) I promised her I’ll make it up to her when I have time. 

This was in Alfresco Bar, Batangas. Hahaha! Drunk a lot of Antonov that night, and I can’t say no to her when she said, “Tara! Let’s go & sing shitty. Remembrance.” I’m a little bit Tipsy here, hahaha! We sung, Super bass. :)

My boyfriend took the video. I’m glad he’s still proud that I’m his gf. HAHAHAHAHA!

PS. That was my first time to sing in front of those strangers… =)) hahaha! T’was fun tho! :)

I Just Tried

From last week up to yesterday, Mama & I were always out of our home buying Christmas gifts, home appliances & checking out sales at the mall. Now, we’re both stuck in the house the whole-day, and as our merienda, I tried making “wicked oreos.” Hahahahaha!! Sorry guys for it looked “FAILED!,” it isn’t round like the good wicked oreo looks.

I just tried doing it. When I’m mixing the flour [for pancakes], which I love doing, I feel like I’m a professional baker. I’m mixing like a boss!!! LOL.

Loud and proud, here’s my very own… Wicked Oreos!


I don’t know why I did this. 

Out of boredom, I just clicked the Photoshop and started making this one. i thought of using this as my logo… EVERYWHERE. Hahahaha! Nah, I don’t know where I could use this. Maybe I’ll use this as my watermark. :)

I blog

I blog not to impress people, but to express - express my feelings and thoughts on certain things. I don’t blog just to boast myself. I’m not a good writer. Frustrated writer. I blog so that in the mere future, I could go back on this page of mine and look at what has changed;changed on what I think/look of every little things and maybe I could show this to my future kids.

So if you don’t like what I post, unfollow. I don’t give a F*CK nor SH*T…


baabebakes ;)