We are pleased to reveal the finalized cover art design for the second book in our two volume set—Treasury of Mini Comics Vol. 2. This hefty, densely packed volume is edited by Michael Dowers and features the artwork of over 50 artists in 848 pages of artwork, including the 8-page underground sex comic “Tijuana Bibles.”

The cover is designed by Esther Pearl Watson, author of the award-winning series Unlovable. More details for the Treasury are forthcoming, but the book is on track for December delivery. Pre-order your copy now!


I received my acceptance letter from my dream school today in the mail today! I will be a transfer student at the university of my first choice to pursue my Bachelor of Arts in Communications with the Media Studies option come Fall 2015! 


The last thing I need to do is make sure I pass this Statistics class this semester with a “C” and I’m good to go. I’ll need to send in my transcripts and some other paperwork but I’m good to go!