Tissue Alert: How A Dying Pit Bull Got A Beautiful Home For The End Of His Life

Canela the pit bull was found as a stray, then wound up at a San Francisco-area shelter with a gigantic, raw-looking, inoperable tumor on his rear, earlier this year.

He was neutered and microchipped, and seemed well-socialized, but attempts to find the dog’s owners went nowhere.

Canela was going to be euthanized at the shelter, because he was so uncomfortable and not much else could be done.

Two doctors – Maria Steelman and Maria Rivero – had another idea.

They decided to give this dying dog a comfortable, love-filled home for however many days, or weeks, he had left.

And they’d like more dogs like Canela to get the same, through a foster hospice program called the Rainbow Bridge Fund.

“We have a feeling there will be many who will need to live out their remaining days with special, committed fosters who believe in end of life care,” says Steelman. “These animals knew love at one time, and something went very wrong. It is hard to face the death of a companion animal, but by far it is much harder to think of that animal alone and scared as it leaves this earth.”

Steelman, a pediatrician for her day job, is founder of PALS East Bay, the rescue group that the Rainbow Bridge Fund is a part of.

The Rainbow Bridge is where pets are said to go after they die, and where their bodies are again whole. But before they get there, for homeless pets, options can be limited.

This program pays for medical expenses – at least in theory; Steelman says the half-dozen families who have taken in Rainbow Bridge Fund dogs so far have insisted on covering vet bills themselves – with the aim of giving homeless animals a foster hospice home, during their last days.

“Once a diagnosis is made, and it is bad, a dog can still find peace and comfort in a home,” says Steelman. “Dogs don’t have a great sense of time, so a week of love in a home can make up for a lot of past sadness.”

Rivero, a semi-retired geriatric doctor, took Canela to her home through that group, in March.

Rivero didn’t know Canela’s background or how long he’d have, at the time. She’d seen the 8-year-old doggie’s photo on the PALS East Bay’s Facebook page, and says she just “wanted to do something that would be of service to shelter dogs.”

“He was obviously a loved companion in his prior life,” says Rivero. “He deserves to have the best possible quality of life and lots of love in this final transition and to die at home in the presence of his family.”

Rivero and her partner Derek Kerr, a retired hospice doctor, brought in a massage therapist for Canela. They gave him a couch, where he could watch the goings-on inside, and when it was nice out he preferred to sit in the sun on the deck. He liked to go for walks, and had three hairless tiny pooches to keep him company.

Canela got medical marijuana to stimulate his appetite. Turns out he has a special fondness, Rivero says, for “scrambled eggs and soft cookie dog treats.”

For more than a month – more time than they thought they might have together, at first – Canela was spoiled. He didn’t have much energy, due to his illness, but he gave lots of love in return. Canela showed himself to be charming and sweet, even while the cancer took over his body.

And, yes, Rivero says, it is hard to love an animal who doesn’t have long left. But worth it.

“The end of life is an important transition for all beings. Dogs are loyal companions to their human families. They deserve to have better quality of life in their final days then a shelter can provide,” she says.

“We are doing what we would want done for our dogs,” says Steelman. “These are old geezers, for the most part, and since we are all going where they are going it feels good to lend them a hand.”

A couple of days ago, the vet came to Rivero’s house for a final visit with Canela.

Canela’s last day at home, on May 2. Photo: Maria Rivero

“He was ready. He had flowers from the garden he loved all around him. We miss him so much. He was a truly remarkable being,” Rivero wrote in a moving Facebook post about Canela’s end.

Rivero tells HuffPost that Canela was giving kisses, and taking walks, and “eating treats and getting lots of attention” right until his last moments.

“He also intuitively knew how to live while dying. Enjoying every day to the fullest,” she says, before dying “peacefully at home, surrounded by loved ones and flowers from the garden he loved.”

Losing this dog – whom Rivero calls her “son” – is acutely painful. But even now, just a few days after he’s died, Rivero says she has no regrets. Because Canela’s story might inspire others to give other dying shelter pets their own gentle, loving end.

“Canela taught us that death and dying are an important and valuable part of life. He participated and contributed as a valued member of our family until the very end,” Rivero says. “We are so grateful for the time we had.”

Find out more about PALS East Bay’s work on the group’s Facebook page. There you can also find out information about more Rainbow Bridge Fund dogs who need foster hospice homes.

Contribute to the Rainbow Bridge Fund here.

And get in touch at if you have an animal story to share!

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Wtf, autocorrect. *not rather than “it.” Ugh, sorry. That’s EXACTLY the episode that I was thinking of when writing that comment. I realized how nicely nuanced her performance was once I was paying attention.

I also highly recommend rewatching the scenes where she’s talking about Regina in Snow Falls, and basically all of her part of the Apple as Red as Blood flashbacks.  She’s just pretty amazing there in playing the pain.  Not just her own pain but she’s playing Regina’s pain.  She owns Regina’s pain.  And than go watch Charming with Regina in The Doctor.  Because he’s in the middle of basically yelling at Regina and this subject comes up and Josh totally plays a conversation between Snow and David that we have never seen.  And you can feel Snow’s empathy for Regina coming through David.

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BIRTHDAY TAEKOOK in which they are at a mutual friend's birthday party but tae shows up late because he was teaching a lecture and people start teasing tae like "oh was it on how to be an alien?" and tae just flat out "no it was on my new technique on how to operate on infants with heart malfunctions" with a smile and everyone just stares in shock because /what do you mean he's a fucking doctor/ and jungkook can pinpoint that as the exact moment he fell in love


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I want a spinoff series of Rose and Tentoo SO BAD! It would be amazing. It's so unfair that they get an entire lifetime with each other, but we don't get to see it. Because I'm so happy they have a happy ending, but thinking about Journey's End, it makes me sad. Because it's the story about The Doctor and how he loses Rose Tyler forever, to a clone of himself. A separate show would let us enjoy the beauty that is Rose and The Doctor without feeling bad about it.

That would be SOOOOO unbelievably nice! It doesn’t have to be too angsty or dramatic; I’d watch some nice, simple Tentoo x Rose fluff for as many seasons as they made. Heck, at this point I’d watch the two of them read the phonebook to each other just to see them together again.

At the same time though, I’d be so terrified if it was announced that a spin-off was coming out, because I just have so many headcanons that would inevitably be dashed to bits. When all you have to go on is fanfic mainly, you can kinda pick and choose your own story for them, you know? Which I think is nice to some extent, because no story can be written out entirely and everyone wants something left to the imagination. Maybe if RTD wrote it (with some help from David and Billie obvs) I would be 100% on board.

As on now, I’m like 80%.

But! Asdfghjkl think of all the cute little fic tropes that people write about all the time and imagine legitimately seeing them on screen! It would be so cute and D + B could just have fun with it and kissing and wow, yeah. Ahem. Maybe I’m more like 90%. 

Oh my god though, that phrase you used - “the story about the Doctor and how he loses Rose Tyler forever” - that just broke my heart. I think Ten’s entire era was really about Rose Tyler. Not that any of the other companions are less important or less valuable or outstanding, just that Ten was very much Rose’s Doctor. I mean, I think they all are ;), but Ten was patently so. The first and last face he saw and all that.

Gosh, I would have loved for dw to end with Ten. I just stop and think about The End of Time and how it could have been the very last episodes (with a few tweaks here and there to make it a bit different, and maybe a tribute to Classic Who). Anyway, I am rambling now, but yeah.

In summary:

  • I am 90% in favor of a spin-off. 
  • Tentoo and Rose are cutie-patooties. 
  • Journey’s End makes me cry.

come talk anything tentoo?

personally I don't get the whole 'Moffat is sexist' thing in Doctor Who

I’m not saying that Moffat is NOT sexist, because honestly I don’t know and I’m not getting into that.

I’m just saying that the Doctor frequently saving Amy doesn’t make the show sexist.

The Doctor doesn’t save Amy because he is MALE

He saves Amy because he’s a freaking alien from outer space with the advantage of time lord brains, regenerative abilities and over 1000 years of experience with the big wide universe.


Telegraph Magazine Article by David Tennant (April 8th 2006)

source [x]

Under the cut is the full transcript - David in his own words - discussing (among other things):

  • Billie and thermal underwear
  • Doctor Who toys
  • inappropriate snogging
  • deciding to take on the role of the Doctor
  • media attention
  • his parents being asked for childhood photos of him in the bath.

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Derek’s death was hardly fair. He was in a shitty hospital with horrible doctors, and his death was all because of some jerk who wouldn’t listen to the woman about getting a CT. So he died because of malpractice. And he didn’t have his people with him at all either. He died in an unfamiliar place, alone, all because of a doctor’s fuck up.

Let’s look at the other characters who have died. For the most part, they got to die with the people they love by their side. Lexie died with Mark beside her. George died at Seattle Grace with his people. Mark died with Callie and Derek by his side. Even Denny got to die at Seattle Grace hospital. So why was Derek’s death so shitty? True that Meredith was there with him to pull the plug, but she only got there at the last minute.

If you’re going to kill off a character that’s been there from the very start, a character that everyone loves, at least give him more than medical malpractice and shitty doctors to die with.

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I will support a female Doctor just for the fact that she is the Doctor. Male or Female, any other nationality, sexuality or race, I love the character and will continue to do so. But, please, can we just let Peter Capaldi enjoy his time being the Doctor without constantly bringing this up? The change WILL happen, I am sure of it. Let's enjoy this current Doctor for the time being. ,

I really cannot emphasize this enough, but continuing to discuss the possibility of a woman portraying the Doctor is NOT attacking Peter Capaldi. 

I am not, in any way, attempting to detract from the enjoyment of those who are fans of his Doctor. I am not at all suggesting that Peter Capaldi should enjoy his time as the Doctor any less because he – and not someone else – got the role as the Doctor.

I am personally a fan of the Twelfth Doctor. I am personally a fan of Peter Capaldi. And I don’t think this is at all contradicted by the fact that I want a woman to be considered – not even chosen, simply considered – to play the Thirteenth Doctor.

The conversation, now, is beyond Peter Capaldi. His casting has come and gone, and he’s doing a damn good job of playing the Doctor. But this conversation can’t be put on pause until he announces he’s leaving the role. The groundwork has to be laid in the fandom now so that the writers, producers, and BBC executives know there is support for a woman portraying the Doctor. The groundwork has to be laid now so that bloggers, reporters, and pop culture commentators start thinking about which women could possibly play the Doctor as quickly and easily as they think about which men could possibly play the Doctor.

Frankly, we need to start having this conversation because shit like this is still being posted:

This was posted recently by the Doctor Who Hub, a popular FB page for Doctor Who fans. And every single one of the suggestions is a white guy.

We have collectively been conditioned to think of the Doctor as a white guy. That happens when thirteen white men play the role for over 50 years. The Doctor is an alien – an alien who has lived for over 2,000 years, travels through time and space in a box that’s bigger on the inside, and has canonically been shown with 13 different bodies – and the most radical thing we can think of is portraying the Doctor with a different sex/gender or skin color.

We need to start having this conversation now because I want people to start thinking whether Natalia Tena, Angel Coulby, and Nathalie Emmanuel would make a great Doctor as easily as they think about any of those white guys pictured up there.

Sure, maybe the change will “just” happen. But I’m not a big fan of leaving things to chance. If writers and producers are looking to find the “right” actor for the role, I want to make sure the fandom is giving them plenty of women to think about. If Moffat is laying the groundwork for a woman to eventually play the role (and all the indications are that he is), I want to make sure he can show anyone in the BBC who is worried about jeopardizing their prize show that the fans will enthusiastically support this change.

And, seriously? You think Capaldi would be upset that we’re talking about who might replace him already? He understands the fandom, he’s one of us! I’m sure he probably even has a few ideas of his own.

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Ethel - it's good having you back downstairs with us :)

(let’s pretend here that Ethel didn’t “do the deed” with Maj. Bryant, and therefore was never fired)

“Are you sure this is alright?” Tom asked hesitantly as he entered the Servant’s Hall.

“I’m sure,” Mrs. Hughes assured him.  “Besides, Mr. Carson is in London with the rest of the family, and I can understand that it might feel lonely up their in that big dining room all by yourself.”

Tom smiled, glad for Mrs. Hughes understanding. 

“Mummy’s in York,” a little voice reminded the Downton housekeeper.  “She’s going to be a doctor.”

Tom chuckled and scooped Sybbie up. “She knows, love, everyone knows.”

“That’s alright,” Mrs. Hughes smiled.  “She’s proud of her mother, nothing wrong with that!  We’re all proud of Lady Sybil.”

Tom smiled before taking a seat at the table, Sybbie settling on his lap.  Ethel was seated next to him, as had been her place when he was still a chauffeur.  Tom wouldn’t say that the two of them had ever been close, even when he was working at Downton, but still he smiled and nodded politely at her, to which she grinned and murmured back, “It’s good having you back downstairs with us.“

Tom did smile at that.  It honestly felt good to be there.  In fact, he felt more himself here, at this table, than he did upstairs in that fancy dining room.  Even when it was just him and Sybil up there, there was something so much more “comfortable” about being down there. 

It reminded him of Dublin; it reminded him of home.

“My mummy’s going to be a doctor,” Sybbie volunteered to Ethel.  “She’s in York going to doctor school.”

Ethel grinned and Tom sighed, but also smiled at his daughter’s words.  “Well, I would love to hear more,” Ethel told Sybbie, whose little face instantly lit up.  She entertained everyone during the meal, and that night, when Sybil telephoned from York, Tom told her all about it, even telling her about how “at home” he had felt downstairs, because it reminded him of their home.

“We’ll go back there, Tom, I promise…” Sybil reassured over the phone.

He bit the inside of his cheek, trying to hold back the emotion he could feel bubbling in his chest.  “I know, love, I know,” he murmured back.  “But…that day can wait.  Right now, I can’t wait to see my wife again–Sybbie and I miss you terribly.”

“I miss you both too, very much.”

He heard her voice catch and he didn’t want to make her cry.  “I’m so proud of you–both of us are.  And Sybbie and I can’t wait to introduce ‘Dr. Sybil Branson’ to the world.”

Sybil laughed then, and Tom felt his heart lift at the sound.  They would be ok, he knew that.  Everything would be ok.

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au prompt: kabby + can't kill spider in shower stall

Abby griffin works in one of the best hospitals in America. She’s also one of the best doctors.
She’d just finished surgery on a serial killer, saving his life. She didn’t think this man deserved to stay alive, but it wasn’t her job to judge, it’s her job to do her best to save the patients that comes through the hospital doors.
The trouble is this serial killer had taken a shine to Abby and now she had FBI agents and guards following her EVERYWHERE.
It was getting on her nerves. She couldn’t even go to the shower without having to tell one of the guards where’s she’s going and what’s she’s doing.

Which is how she ended up in the shower block, with the infuriating Marcus Kane the head of the FBI case standing outside the shower blocks door.
She was in the shower when she noticed something black in the corner of her eye; jumping back she Screamed, grabbing her towel.
Marcus bumps into the shower block gun raised.

Marcus laughs at Abby when he finds out what she screamed at, but then shuts up when she asks him to “just get rid of it”
She finds out he is also scared of spiders. Which is why they call Jackson to get rid of the spider. He doesn’t even blink at Abby in her robe or Marcus standing there bright red. He just gets rid of the spider and walks out normally.

Leave an AU and a pairing in my ask and I’ll give you the plot of the fic I won’t write for it.


Before anyone says it I know they get people to do the writing but it’s still as important a sign as any other one.

Okay, so the first picture is when Wren visited Mona in Radley. She points out to him that he left the G out of ‘diagnosis’. Also in this scene Wren says to Mona that she used to open up to him, she then answers “that was before I realised where your priorities were”. I always thought that was weird but maybe she said it because she was A and he was helping her but because he fancied Spencer he was basically betraying Mona.
Second, is a Radley file which I think could be Mona’s. It’s the same handwriting as Wren’s which makes sense because he’s a doctor.
But what was interesting is that his handwriting is the same as the handwritten -A messages that the girls were sent.
I’m not necessarily saying Wren is Charles but I do think he is part of the -A team somehow.

SuperWho AU where the Doctor is a hunter who drives around in a blue Volkswagen camper van that’s dubbed “bigger on the inside” by Dean because of all the books he hoards in the back.

Please could you all pray for my dad, he has been having an abnormal nose bleed for over 2 days and feels extremely weak because of the blood loss. He will be visiting the doctors for taking the prescribed tests, I request you all to pray that the tests come out clear and he regains his health soon. Thank you.