Mass-production can be difficult to steer clear of in our modern-day world- and truly, in many instances it is a phenomenon to be embraced and celebrated. In the case of burgeoning designer Noa Raviv (who engineers in District 3 have been clamoring to get their hands on), however, mass-production is the antithesis of her most recent collection. A marriage of 2D textiles and 3D printed objects, Raviv’s Hard Copy collaborative collection was brought to life in collusion with Stratasys—a manufacturer of cutting-edge 3D printing devices and software. Hard Copy challenges the current conceptions of 3D printing and mass production and instead focuses on the value contained in singular, unique works of art.

“When the model walks, it creates a game between 2D and 3D,” Raviv states at her graduate fashion show. She goes on to state that a visual point of interest in the collection’s compositions is the viewers’ uncertainty on whether what they are seeing has two dimensions or three. Indeed, the clever patterning of both the 3D printed pieces and the textile structures underneath make this a difficult separation to decipher.

Arguably the most intriguing aspect of Raviv’s designs is her conceptual process, choosing to work with imperfect images and distorted grid designs instead of structurally sound templates. By beginning with these flawed blueprints, Raviv adds another dimension of innate singularity to her creations.

Capitol Couture salutes Noa Raviv and Stratasys for their collaborative efforts and their continuing commitment to the united vision of One Panem.