Bisexual representation in media is embarrassingly one-dimensional. When it’s not used to justify girl-on-girl action for the male gaze, we only ever see it in the context of the bi character desperately trying to reassure their partner that they won’t cheat on them.

Also, as much as I fully endorse fluid sexuality and everyone’s right to be label-free, I might scream if I hear one more character insist they’re “not into labels.”

My anger is really directed at squeamish media executives who cringe at the thought of even mentioning the B-word. Representing sexual fluidity is great, but it also does nothing to remedy the complete absence of bisexual people in TV and film, which in turn reaffirms our perceived social illegitimacy.

Would it kill you to include a character who identifies as bisexual or pansexual? These aren’t dirty words. You’re not playing a game of Password.