B613 is LITERALLY the worst thing that could have EVER happened to Scandal EVER

I know we know this already, but it needs to be reiterated, especially given the happenings of the finale. I just rewatched the finale, and I have SOOOOOOO many questions about B613. 


2. If B613 started when Fitz shot down that plane, is/was he a B613 agent?

3. What the fuck was Rowan’s job before B613 that he could order someone to shoot down a plane and also have a terrorist wife? Was he in the Navy? Did I fall asleep and miss that? 

4. Remember when Andrew had all the power for like two episodes and had secret service agents in his back pocket? How Sway? Were they also B613 agents like Tom?

5.  Why was even it necessary for Mellie to give Rowan a list of names? Couldn’t he have just found or killed jurors whether she came up with a list or not? Why did she have to be brought in the mix?

6. Can we even be mad that Rowan had those jurors killed or that Mellie gave him that list? It’s the same logic behind Fitz killing Verna. If he didn’t kill Verna, everyone would have been in jail. If Rowan didn’t have those jurors killed Operation Remington would have been revealed. If Mellie hadn’t given Rowan that list, Operation Remington could have been revealed. 

NUMBER SIX IS EXACTLY WHY THIS SHIT IS THE WORST. It makes no sense why it needed to be eliminated in the first place. Yes, some innocent people were harmed, but that’s called COLLATERAL DAMAGE. Sure, take command. But B613 as a whole? I will never understand it, and no one can make me! 

As an aside, wouldn’t it have made more sense if Mellie actually knew that Rowan killed her son and still worked with him anyway?  THEN her motivations would have been particularly egregious and warranted Fitz kicking her out. Fitz not telling Mellie that Rowan killed their son means THEIR BOTH KEEPING SECRETS. Ugh! This show. 

7. So B613′s “Operation Foxtail” was just Mellie’s SS code name. But Olivia, Huck, and Quinn weren’t privy to Mellie’s code name?  How? That’s public knowledge! Just FYI Michelle Obama’s is Renaissance.

8. Why couldn’t Huck just enjoy his family and be B613 like all those other people in 206?

9. Remember that weird episode were it turns out David’s assistant is B613? Why couldn’t Jake just tell Huck and Quinn that Holly was B613. He was on their side, so why was he being weird and sneaky, making it seem like he was helping command? 

10. If all the B613 agents were killed, is Russell dead, too?

11. Why was killing Jerry necessary again? Sort of related, but can Fitz and Olivia really have a functioning relationship knowing her father killed his child?

ALL THIS HERE IS WHY B613 should have never been taken this far. Because of B613, Scandal was stupid 80% of the time. They should have in some way connected Olivia’s kidnapping to B613 because otherwise why was that random ass arc needed?????? So that Huck could use 2 billion dollars to have Rowan framed for embezzlement? And the fact that Fitz and Olivia are the glue that holds all these illogical pieces together just goes to show how important their relationship is to the show. So I’m just not sure why these random, tangential story lines were needed. Like, why was Mellie’s senate run needed? So that she could give Rowan a list of jurors? To keep Olivia and Fitz separate? So that Portia De Rossi could be a series regular? 

 I never thought that a season could get worse than season 3, but damn, season 4 was a catastrophe BECAUSE OF B613! I really hope Scandal gets back to basics next season. Just pair shit down! Find a foil or two and stick with it. Do you know how many antagonists Scandal had this season? Andrew, Kubiack, Lizzie, those kidnappers who could have also doubled as Geek Squad employees, Rowan, Russell, Guy from Cougar Town, Holly, and every other B613 agent. COME ON. 

Hopefully this is my last post ever about B613. If Scandal writers have the common sense that God gave a goat, they won’t come back to this story line.

B613 makes kinky killers of people....

This fool just said to Huck he enjoys the music of peoples’ anguished screams. He said it’s better if you lick their tears when it happens……..?!! Why is Choke being kept around as a love interest?!??!?