NS: You know the rules right. The first to ask a question is the other person’s slave.

HS: Of course.

After a while

HS: What did you do when you quit school?

NS: Eat, Sleep. Eat, Sleep. Sleep.

HS: Why did you come back? I thought you didn’t like school.

NS: Just because. I thought that I couldn’t live or die this way anymore. So at least I went outside onto the streets, but there was no where else to go except school. Also, I remembered my moms request to graduate high school.

HS: Good job, bastard.

NS: Hey… Get me some water.

HS: Me?

NS: You talked to me first. You are a slave now.

Ricky's way of getting back at L.Joe for bullying him (:

Ricky: Hey L.Joe Hyung =D

L.Joe shows Ricky the pictures he took

Ricky: Those (pictures) turned out nice!

L.Joe: How do I look (on camera)?

Ricky: I was talking about the pictures looking good, not you hyung.

L.Joe is at a loss of words so he just laughs