A shoot earlier today with the memorial car thanx to all once again for the support.I didn’t want to do another car after selling the silver sentra but I feel I needed to I can hear mom saying right now “what did you do to my car??!!!” Mom this is for you. I can’t wait to get this down to ocmd in 3 weeks for the fresh meet #projectsentra #b15society #b15u #sentranation #memorialcar

Teaser and love the outcome if I only plastidipped the wheels white damn it lol but in all seriousness thank u all for the support as this project is now complete my mom knew I loved cars she always bought me hot wheels when I was young so that’s how it started and this memorial car will be very nice once I get to ocmd 3 weeks from now. #b15u #b15society #sentranation #projectsentra #memorialcar #tributetomom #Nissan