Mga deP*ta!

Anong trip nitong mga kapatid ko. kanina nag-paalam yung bunso kong kapatid na mag-pupuyat/picnic o Pajama Party na lang siguro. HAHAHAHA. ang dami ko pang sinasabi e! tapos ayun pinayagan siya. tapos ngayon naman umuwi yung pangalawa kong kapatid akala ko naman matutulog na yun pala nag-paalam kay Mommy na sa kaibigan niya daw siya matutulog. TENGENE!. tapos bago umalis yung kapatid ko sabi ba naman saken, “Kuya, sabihin mo na lang kay daddy na don ako matutulog ha.” Ang sabi ko naman, “aba bahala ka wag na kayong uuwi ha!” HAHAHAHAHA. ang bait ko lungs! :DDD

Got tagged

Rules: -Always post the rules. -Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones. -Tag 11 people and link them to the post. -Actually tell them you tagged them.

1.) What is your favorite color and why?

Blue - it’s the color of things I find pretty like the sky and ocean

2.) What is your middle name?


3.) Would you rather change genders every time you sneeze or not be able to tell the difference between a muffin and a baby?

Gender change sounds fun. 

4.) What fandoms are you part of?

Quite a few: Game of Thrones, Elementary, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Mortal Instruments, AFI, Green Day, Dear Boy, and so on

5.) What do you do outside of tumblr?

Work, student, try to see my friends and be adventurous and enjoy life

6.) What type of music do you listen to?

Rock, alt, indie mostly but I’m open to anything

7.) If you could be anywhere in space or time right now where would you go?

Either Paris 1920s or California 1990s

8.) Are you a cat person, a dog person, neither, or both?

Animals are cute. Had a cat for 14 years, never had a dog, probably won’t have either in the future.

9.) What is the current background on your computer screen? (phone screen if no computer)

An unfortunately blurry picture of Davey Havok

10.)  What is your favorite food?

probably veggie pizza

11.) What is your biggest accomplishment?

Placing 6th at the state speech tournament this year. That bad boy was four years in the making.

Questions for you.

1 - Have you ever cross dressed, if not, would you?

2 - Ever been in a fight, if so, who won?

3 - Do you have a crush currently?

4 - Are you happy? 

5 - Apple juice or orange juice?

6 - What’s the shadiest thing you’ve done?

7 - What was your first run in with the police like?

8 - Hidden talent?

9 - Favorite superhero and why?

10 - If you could go to any concert regardless of time, place, or cost, what artist would you like to see and where?

11 - Can you do a cartwheel?

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alana-take-a-b0w said:

Hi, I have watched all of you vlogs and found them very helpful. I am just messaging to ask what roles are available within the exchange as I am a performer and would be interested in face character and dancer roles. Well done on being accepted and I hope your summer has been a blast so far!!

For the cultural exchange the only entertainment roles available are fur character roles, so no face or dancer roles I’m afraid! Thank you lovely, I’ve had lots of fun but it’s actually my last day today :(

tak3-a-b0w said:

yeah hahah habbo was some amazing times aye;) do you recognise me?:-) veronica//ronnie?:-) xxxxx

yes yes omg hi lmfao habbo is so SHIT now i wanna sell my account lol 

click here for full size

I finally made a full official character sheet for 0zzy 

it took longer than i thought but now that I have this I can start working on my animation again!

anyways I should probably have a bio for him now

0zzy is a humanoid that lives on an abandoned planet  with only a goat/deer hybrid to guard him. his main purpose is to visit other planets and destroy them in order to stay alive. he eventually  comes to earth and mess things up and just a little shit in general. There more to it but I too lazy to talk  about it.

feel free to draw him UvU…please