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wildest dreams

Pouring small amount of liquid nitrogen into your hand won’t hurt, as long as you get a few seconds of recovery time between pours. Please don’t try this at home.

Source: GIF from Jefferson Lab “Let’s Pour Liquid Nitrogen on the Floor!”

George Shelley is so cute omfg 😍❤️🙈

Queen’s House Staircase

This picture, originally intended only to capture the spiral staircase in the Queen’s House section of the National Maritime Museum in England, was taken in 1966. A shrouded figure appears at the bottom of the stairs — possibly corroborating the many reports of strange encounters surrounding them over the years.

Via BuzzFeed

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Worstead Church

A picture taken in 1975 of Diane Berthelot sitting in the pews at Worstead Church in Norfolk, England, appears to show a creepy white figure sitting just behind here, though nobody else was present at the time the picture was taken by Diane’s husband Peter. 

Via BuzzFeed