b l e s s


  • Louise:Are you gonna bring your motorbike to Wales next year?
  • Benedict:What?! What kind of question is that? Insurance will not insure the programme anymore. "No" is the answer.
  • Louise:But you look like Elvis in the '68 comeback thing in that black leather.
  • Benedict:What black leather?
  • Louise:In your black leather motorbike gear. Go with me on this, Benedict.
  • Benedict:Okay....Is this some fandom thing I don't know about?
  • Louise:No, it's just me.

Jr: For men underwear isn’t just boxers/panties right? Fashion is only complete if you wear nice underwear. When men do this (when they lift up their arm and their shirt goes up) you will see the brand name of the underwear. If a person really cares about fashion they would care about the underwear too. Right now it’s pink!


fitzsimmons ± ‘the well’

"s: well he had to. i froze. didn’t know what to do.
 f: hey, you didn’t freeze. […]”


It shouldn’t be a secret… especially from you. my father is a… he’s schizophrenic. And homeless. he was in and out of institutions for a while, but for the last fifteen years, he’s been on the streets mostly. here, in new york. that’s why i volunteer. sometimes he recognizes me. sometimes he doesn’t, just depends if he’s on his meds. [when was the last time you saw him?] it’s been almost… two years.