The FN and Mental Illness

Actually the more I think about the more potential I think a story where Zuko is not Ursa and Ozai’s son has potential. Here’s why.

A lot of people are sympathetic to Azula and want her to get additional chances at a normal life. I’ve always thought Sozin,Azulan,Ozai, and Azula were all mentally ill and that mental illness ran in the family at least from Sozin on.

Historically a lot of empires, royal families, noble bloodlines, etc… were ultimately ruined by mental illness. Now they didn’t go into this in the show, but Azulan and Ozai both show a severe lackof empathy. Ozai in immediately requesting that he be made heir after Lu Tien (sp) died and Azulan in ordering him to kill his own son as punishment. In fact Azulan’s orders suggest socipathic personality.

This isn’t to say that people suffering from mental illness are automatically dangerous, most aren’t, but extremely powerful people who lack empathy and are narricstic are extremely dangerous. 

FireLord Azulan

Did you guys hear what Firelord Azulan said to his second-born son Ozai? In the episode “Zuko Alone”, Azulan said, “My most-beloved son” about Iroh… Iroh was the favored son, and Ozai was always second-rate. Favoritism poisons more than just one generation. It destroys whole families. Be aware, get therapy.

Lol. And this show is awesome

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Hey Bryke why didn't Azulan marry Ursa to Iroh if he was trying to unite his and Roku's bloodline? Iroh was his firstborn.

Iroh was too old for her and already married. Azulan may have been trash but at least he wasn’t that kind of trash.