So I would love to be on your faves page because, I have never been on one before and I would love for a chance to make fabulous new friends and get great new amazing followers 🌴🌴 I would just like to say your blog is amazing and if I ever got to be on your faves page it would be amazing xx

Hi i love your acount so much!! this is a new blog, but i post very often! Im 16 my name is courtney and i go with the tropical/jungle theme. i would love if you picked me xxxxx

followers can ignore :)

Hey Teagan I’m Dominique I’m also 14 I live in the States. I’m obsessed with anything that has to do with the ocean. I would lovvvveeeeeee to be in the tropical club network. I think it would be the best opportunity to make new friends / meet people with the same interests as me.

xoxo (dts)

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heyyy girly :) I’m miranda i would love to join this network because i’m very network thirsty right now lol. this network seems supa cool because i need some html help and i would love to make some new friends and plus new blogs to follow :) so yeah i hope you see this! have a great day 

(Followers can ignore this) but feel free to apply to join too!

I would lovee to be part of the tropical club network because I would love to make new friends and meet new people and I love helping people with absolutely anything and I’m trying to learn html so That I could help out in that department too :) I hope you guys can consider me to be part of this!

Followers can ignore :)

Heya !
I would love to join your network… My blog is tropical/jungle and I have a slight obsession with rebloging fruit. I would also love to meet some other fab tropical/jungle blogs to follow, even though I already follow a crazy amount :/

Jess xx

***you know the rule, it wont show up on your blog***

i hit 4k (yay!) so i decided to update my faves :)

- mbf me - 0.000001% chance if youre not
- reblog this at least once, likes only count for bookmarking

- a spot on my faves page (obvs)
- promos whenever you want
- help with voting, reaching goals, html etc
- a new bff aka me

- talk to me! if we’re friends im more likely to pick you
- follow my fresh blog ormy indie blog  then message me
- tag a post with ‘aztecxdream’ and tell me why you should be on my faves page

- fab banner by me
- will be picking when im satisfied with the notes