It’s done. My AR 15 built from the ground up!

Addax Tactical Lower Receiver
PSA 16” M4 Premium SS12G
Rainier Arms Raptor Charging Handle
Raddlock (because I live in CA)
ALG ACT Trigger
WMD Nickel Boron BCG
Magpul B.A.D. Lever
PSA Magpul STR Lower Build Kit
Magpul MBUS Flip Up Sights

Taking it to test fire today!

I’m still looking at optics and grips!

Questions tag!


Rule 1: Post the rules.

Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagged set for you in their post, then make eleven new ones.

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  1. aznshortguy
  2. malloryannland
  3. jennisey
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  1. What food makes you think of home?
     sloppy joes!
  2. If you could buy anything right now (regardless of cost), what would it be?
     christmas presents for my loved ones or a disney canvas painting
  3. What is something you wish you could do?
     travel the world
  4. What is your favorite piece of clothing?
     left sock lol idk my hats?
  5. Disneyland, Universal Studios or Six Flags?
  6. What is your ideal hair style (curly, straight, wavy, long, short)?
     long flowing locks of gold lol
    really i dont have one 
  7. If you live anywhere in the world (regardless of cost) where would you live?
     somewhere in the hills in california prolly, stay close to home but be secluded from the crazies
  8. What ingredient will make you order something at a restaurant?
     uhh broccoli?
  9. Favorite cartoon character?
     not sure lol
  10. What would be your ideal wedding?
     whatever makes my wife the happiest, ive never had one in mind
  11. Favorite movie series (trilogy, duo etc.)?
     marvel cinematic universe, indiana jones(1 and 3), etc.

Questions for those who have been marked:
1.  Favorite Dinosaur?
2. What do you collect?
3. Favorite tv show?
4. Best memory from middle school?
5. Can you do the macarana?  bonus points for proof
6.  Tell a scary story.
7. What are you looking forward to most in the next year?
8.  What would you do oo oo for a klondike bar?
9. Whats your superpower?
10. Where did you get those shoes?
11.  Dream vacation destination?

With each shooting and all of the finger-pointing and political posturing, one simple and important point seems to get lost every time…

The cause is partially us. We place the blame on them, brushing it off as mental disorders or instability. Sure, it entirely possible they have such conditions, but we feign ignorance to their cries and signs of going over the edge. Being heard and attention, are a lot more important than we think and we often disregard it as “being needy”. Another part stems from the modern American’s sense of entitlement. The color of your skin, doesn’t entitle you to ANYTHING. Being Caucasian doesn’t mean you get to be wealthy and successful, being Asian doesn’t mean you get to be smart or good at math, being Black doesn’t mean you are good at sports, etc. You have to work for what you want. If you don’t try to socialize, how can you blame others for being alone? You cant expect everyone to try to meet you if you don’t try to meet them. Self loathing also plays key role. People judge themselves and hate themselves. If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect others to love you. We need to learn to love ourselves. If we don’t love ourselves, work on it until you can. The problems wont stop with more gun control. The problem will stop once we stop blaming the shooters and acknowledge that we are partially at fault and work on fixing it ourselves. 

aznshortguy asked:


50: Post 5 awesome things about yourself. BRAG AWAY!

weelll ok then!!

1. im 6'3" and proud of it!

2. i will be graduating in 6 months! thats pretty awesome

3. Ive jumped out of an airplane, and i want to go again!

4. i am an extremely optimistic person! (like 99% of the time lol)

5. i have some pretty awesome friends!