So Saboten's over...

and it was terrible. Shoutouts to:

-Both raves sucking major dick. Light Rave had absolutely no positive atmosphere, the Dark/Black Rave was NO FUN ALLOWED: THE RAVE. You know people will jump at the rave, so why would you put it on the third floor, you stupid, stupid organizers.

-People walking around without shirts. I am here to see anime cosplays and other related things like that, if I wanted to see people in bikinis/shirtless, I would’ve gone to the beach/waterpark.

-The gaming room being filled with nothing but elitist players who take video games too seriously and can’t back up their shit talk. Also, shoutouts to Frank and Juicebox for being major asses.

-Bleach fans and Devil May Cry fans going to the Power Rangers panel, just to bug Johnny about Bleach and Devil May Cry when he was only there for Power Rangers. And yes, Bleach and Devil May Cry did have it’s own panels BEFORE the Power Rangers panels and they were both a bit longer than the Power Rangers panel.

-A ridiculously large amount of yaoi panels. Because when I think anime convention, I think the Yaoi Power Hour. I am not saying this because I am against gays or any of that shit, but for goodness sake, we don’t need that many. (It could also be my biased because every time I submit panels, I lose to Yaoi panels every time…)

-For a rather large number of non-anime panels. If I wanted to know about videogames, I would’ve gone to an videogame convention, if I wanted to know about KPop, I would’ve gone to a korean convention, if I wanted to know about Avatar, I would’ve gone to comic con. Also, how is zombies vs. robots related to anime or japanese culture Saboten-con organizers. Just how is it related…

REAL Shoutouts to:

+Johnny Yong Bosch for somehow making the con better than expected and for basically telling the Bleach fans you don’t care about Bleach. I really wanted to hate you, but after going to the panels you were in, I find it hard to.

+Homestuck cosplayers not being annoying like the last con I went to. No seriously, you guys were amazingly polite and not annoying fucks like last time.(I’m looking at you, “guy who brough a bike horn and honked it in my ear” guy.)

+Panda Cubed for telling Bleach fans how it is, and being logical about Bleach being a terrible, terrible manga that needs to die off already. You guys need to seriously do another One Piece panel.

+The people running the Mahjong Panel. You had a great panel and were able to teach Mahjong in a simple manner that didn’t overwhelm others. I hope in the future you guys can possibly host a Mahjong tournament.

+Sam Riegel being a major bro and being an awesome voice actor. Can’t wait to find out who you voice in UMvC3.

+Sean Schemmel for being the voice of Goku and telling me that you liked my glasses. That’s like Goku telling me he likes my glasses and you have no idea how much that means to me.

Overall, I’d give Sabotencon 2011 a 7/10, it’s the best I can do. However I know SOMEONE IS GONNA BITCH ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE, so I guess I’ll just change it to a 6/10 ahead of time…


Hello everyone!

I was browsing AZHP’s website and I found this awesome video of my winning game at Phoenix Comic Con 2011! The first person who commented is someone I played against before [I think] and I’ve never actually had to use my best character in these tournaments. I’d make so many people unhappy if I decided to use Gai or Gaara.

Good stuff.