Reading is important, with reading you can upgrade your knowledge much more about anything in this world. Reading is one of the simple way to get yourself smart.

Membaca itu penting, dengan membaca kamu dapat meningkatkan pengetahuan kamu tentang apapun di dunia ini lebih banyak lagi. Membaca adalah salah satu dari banyak cara mudah untuk membuat kamu lebih pintar.

-Panji Away, 2014-


Well, never heard and never watched before about this anime, but most of all people who had watched told me that this anime is really cool, and I also have the Panda-Z figure on my office desk, well isn’t mine, it’s belong to my friend, and he said that i can have it stands on my desk, well… lucky me… :D

- Panji Away, 2014 -


I don’t have a hulk-smash strike, but i have this big hammer and i swear if i smash it, it feels like you are being hulk-smashed..

- Panji away, Azazyn, 2013 -