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T shirt
307.165 IDR -

Globe elastic waist pants
959.890 IDR -

Crew socks
153.585 IDR -

HUF skate shoes
895.260 IDR -

Love Yourself First Temporary Tattoo (Set of 2)
83.575 IDR -

Ray-ban glasses
2.460.155 IDR -

21 MENS Marled Cable Knit Beanie
112.625 IDR -

Hayes Valley SF

Hayes Valley: a mecca for those who shun expensive mainstream designers and instead prefer to partake of expensive indie designers instead.

I love this place.

A few of my favorite places to gaze longingly into:

  • Gimme Shoes.
  • Bulo.
  • Rand+Statler
  • Azalea Boutique.
  • Nida Boutique.
  • Reliquary.

A few places that I have actually stopped gazing longingly into, and bought something:

  • Chantal Guillon.
  • Steven Alan.
  • Cary Lane. 
Hayes Valley: Rand + Statler

Azalea, Welcome Stranger, and Rand + Statler, purveyors of chic, covetable pieces for future SF-hipster-white-collar, college-educated-yuppie life.

I wander around Hayes Valley all the time, and it makes my Gucci wallet cry and vomit dollars, but it’s a great reminder that I need to keep working hard. In particular, I love derpily window-shopping and occasionally dropping money at the family of boutiques that comprises Azalea/Welcome Stranger/Rand + Statler whenever I feel like an irresponsible undergrad and need a little something to keep my appetite for ambition whetted. 

I took one of my friends here, after a spectacularly shitty week. He dropped some money on a man-wallet that I found myself salivating over:

Last weekend, I bought this gem that I had been lusting after for a while: the Giles & Brother railroad spike cuff.

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Lela Rose shirts blouse

Cotton jacket

Rag & bone blue jeans

Christian Louboutin high heel shoes
$575 -

Tod s shopping bag
$1,015 -

Tiffany & Co. gold earrings

Dolce&Gabbana cat eye sunglasses

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Play Comme des Garçons v neck top
1.285 RON -

River Island biker jacket
395 RON -

Vince pull on pants
1.035 RON -

Converse canvas shoes
305 RON -

Mulberry top handle satchel handbag
5.215 RON -

Forever 21 ring
19 RON -

Forever 21 ski hat
35 RON -