Sunset Bus Stop / Tohma

[ A sad, lonely bus. ]

Around the time when the sun set halfway, 
And the hustle and bustle turned faintly red,
The old song and burnt smell becomes bittersweet
The moment I took off my earphones
The bus stopped by right on schedule
Just as always, I sat myself down
in the furthest back seat

If this captivating cityspace could belong to me
Couldn’t I just make it a burning twilight?
The vividness of knowing the end of life
Soon, became stolen away by the dark, frightening night 

Where is this Sunset Bus headed?
And where will it end, I wonder?
The still-faint light illuminates the road,
But is it alright if I don’t go home?
As the Sunset Bus goes uphill,
It’s goodbye now, isn’t it?
“It’s like the world is ending,”
A child says

Getting on and off, again and again,
Everyone has their own lives;
Entrusting their simple and plain hearts; 
They all have a place they must go home to

Someone’s body warmth still faintly remains on the sheets
Surely, they were watching this twilight
Even though I knew,
that it couldn’t possibly become mine and only mine,
Why do I sigh so deeply?

As the Sunset Bus picks me up,
Where will it take me?
The planitarium of “stop buttons”
Dance on the way back like Sea Sparkles 
The Sunset Bus is all alone,
It’s goodbye now, isn’t it?
Isn’t it lonely once everyone’s gone home?

The happiness surrounding the dinner table,
and the light streaming in from the window,
The darkened color of the curtains announces the night
I want to break that obvious, ordinary thing
The me that happens upon the next happiness
is such a selfish being

Where is this Sunset Bus headed?
And where will it end, I wonder?
Shall I go home by the path dyed by
the lamp posts that grow from the dimmed asphalt?
Tonight, the Sunset Bus sleeps once more
And dreams a dream
And so it ends, the today that happens only once
As does tomorrow

most of tohma’s azalea songs seem to have a counterpart-song, and almost all the songs make reference to a ‘tower’ of sorts as well as 'guidelines of noctiluca’/'noctiluca guidelines’ or just 'noctiluca’ which is???/// what is noctiluca?

very obvious ones:

Babylon > River Babylon is basically about an entertainment-filled town called Babylon Town, where its inhabitants continuously seek out new ways to cure their perpetual boredom.

Envy Cat Walk > Envycat Blackout is a story of a cat-like girl and a chronically ill boy possibly in love, but the town they live in, called Old Neon Town, is dependant on the girl’s presence. Once she leaves, the town and the boy will fade away into nothingness.

Kowloon Retro > Kowloon Hydra/Idola(?) is about a town, possibly called Kowloon/Kulong Town, of houses stacked on top of each other until it reached the sky, and the chaos and corruption that happens within it.

Madara Cult > Yankee Boy Yankee Girl tells the tale of a town waging a war on another town (possibly Kowloon?) just for entertainment, and they resort to experimenting on random things to create soldiers and warriors and war-machines. But according to additional info, Madara Cult is just a cartoon watched by kids in a place called Mansion Town. Perhaps they were inspired by it and created the group Yankee Boy Yankee Girl?

theories and guesses:

Azalea no Bourei > Haikei ni Tettou, “Chizuru” wa Denen Nite Matsu
('the wasteland’s steel tower’? they gotta be connected man)

Yankee Boy Yankee Girl > Boy of the Future’s Great War
(wage war against the adults to take back our tomorrow! yeah they sound connected to me)

Magical Girl Eudaemonics > Tabibito to Ishi no Hane > Hanged Girl in the Haunted Mansion
(mere speculation because tabibito mentioned 'haunted shadow of the witch’.) Magical Girl Eudaemonics takes place in the Abandoned Amusement Park, which may just be a part of Babylon Town.

Galaxy Railway in the Shallows of Night > Moon Ruins > Eureka no Hakoniwa > Kuchira Byoutou to Aru Zenya
(idk man i saw the moon in galaxy’s pv and went oOOOH! but now im not so sure. Getsumen Haikyo/Moon Ruins also mentions Eureka, as in the lyric 'Eureka’s bell rings’, so there’s a connection with Eureka’s Miniature Garden too. eureka no hakoniwa also mentions 'the whisper of the heart engraved in the machine’, and kuchira’s lyrics go 'swallowed by the machines, your breath, blood and heart’ and the last part says 'overwrought sirens and six months on a train’ like galaxy train maybe hmm??/)

Shinzou mentions a lot of things from other songs.

Orange seems to be completely disconnected from the rest of the songs. It takes place on Crescent Island.

Azalea in general seems to be a story of various towns in the region known as Azalea, and even as the towns fade away and become lost to the hands of time, there is a girl/doll in a miniature garden who keeps track of the history of everything. Her name is… Eureka.

so there ya go.

Rivera Babylon / Tohma

A shopping district built upwards, filled with vulgar virtues
From a simple vision of the future to the mark of nuclear power
“It’s disease, it’s madness,” the crowd roars
A collection of wrongdoings, all put under anesthesia
Devouring authority and robbing them blind
A street girl taking in glory and coins
Night after night, being hung by the neck and falling down
An indifferent egoism and high self-regard

The mobs are junkies caught up in aesthetic fantasies
Their minds deprived, an overdose of power
A steel tower in the countryside being the last sight I saw
Straining my eyes, simply straining my eyes
Ah, your inferiority complex and cunning greed
A heart immersed in formalin
Grasped by misanthropy syndrome

A chain of serial numbers, drei, zwei
Gangsters made with counterfeit cells
A viscous saliva, gamble and gamble!
Swindling this paper-flat world
And singing praises of humanity

A Fallen seaplane, selling and buying pride
Holding grudges and being envious, whose fault is it?
This is the truth, with the liars tied up
A boring reality for a population built on pleasure

The lacking imagination of intoxicated fools
That middle finger is a girl’s love
“I’m sure I’ll never be satisfied,
I know this already, so can I just die already?”

Those cheers from the audience do quite nicely
The movie star that spoke harsh, disgusted words,
Hated that they’ve been dirtied
Hated that the past couldn’t be painted over
Tomorrow is approaching

In the flowing waves and waves of people,
A mask dealer on his stomach and soliciting
The baby that stops crying at the chime of the bell
Don’t soil the future held in your arms

This city’s wish of wanting to be loved
Its breath extinguished now, somewhere far away
Betrayed by the promised future that lay not far off
It sinks down, down, to the depths of the sea
Where no sunlight reaches

Hot and humid nights, there’s no hope
Even the rockstars living in condominiums
Are postwar hypocrites that can’t be saved
At the crossroad whereabouts, embracing a lover’s suicide
The fourth goodbye disappears, as well

A chain of serial numbers, drei, zwei
Gangsters made with counterfeit cells
A viscous saliva, gamble and gamble!

“I can no longer be reborn again,
Well, then, until we meet again someday”

“Kujira Byoutou no Aruzenya” reminded me with “Juuji Tou no Oka”, one of Tohma’s older and less popular song… Also my first exposure to him. I’m glad he decided to make another song similar to Juuji Tou no Oka, I always loved the atmosphere in that song.