• Some Christmas Eve.
  • My sister's vehicle has been stolen. Black 4-door 2005 Chevrolet Durango truck. It has a distinct damage on the drivers rear fender; matte finished paint job with a weld mark going from fender to tail light. Also on tailgate, passenger side, is a paint job that covers a scratch mark that spells Dave.
  • It has been reported to the officer, she works human resources for AZ police officers, but I am turning to everyone this Christmas Eve to help get the word out. Last seen around 12:30 AM, 12/24/2014 in Mesa, AZ. Please reblog and spread around, I want this year to end at least we'll for us. Thank you.

My manager’s 16 year old daughter and her friend were pulled over by an official looking policemen last week and was given a ticket for speeding and not stopping before a turn at a circle k. She said he looked rushed and gave her the ticket while her daughter was disputing it, and left. My manager immediately spotted problems with this ticket, that not even a block away from the circle k her daughter’c car was at rest at, was recorded speeding above 60mph. The policeman had said he had paced the car and verified this, even though usually when a vehicle is being paced it goes for at least a half a mile. On another note, her daughters car was an old automatic honda, and couldn’t possibly reach that speed during that distance. After my manager saw this she contacted the Mesa and Chandler police immediately to report this officers fault and rude disposition to her daughter. Today, the departments got back to her that the name the officer gave her daughter doesn’t exist, and neither does the ticket. This is so frightening to me, that a 16 year old girl, was put in this position and probably only was able to escape certain problems by having a friend in the vehicle that the false officer didn’t expect. 

So please, any young girl or woman in the Chandler/Mesa area be careful around law enforcement, and only stop at public places while a 911 operator is on the phone with you. Take the officers name, department and badge number if you can just to be sure it isn’t a situation similar to this one. 


There will be a protest held against police brutality and racial injustice this Saturday, 12/27/2014 at Tempe Marketplace. We will meet at 6:00 PM at the corner of McClintock and Rio Salado. At 7:00 PM we will march up McClintock to the mall’s entrance (near Ulta) and proceed to the walking area of the mall.

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