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how many questions do u have left to answer? on a scale 1 to etc starting from which member would be the best you know ;) to least (idk if u should include sungmin cause hes married)

Like, 40ish questions XD. Pretty much all of them are ot15 questions, which I don’t have the time for at the moment. But I’m done with my program this week and then I’m off for 5 months so ayyyyyyyyyy

 But alright rating how good the members are in bed on a scale from 1 to 10!


8. He’s older so he’s experienced, he knows exactly what he’s doing! But he probably gets tired easily, so his stamina doesn’t last long


7. Also older, therefore experienced. I feel like he would do an AMAZING job with foreplay, but when it comes to actual sex he’d just be alright. But yo, the foreplay makes up for it

Han Geng

8. Experienced, I bet he’s the master of seduction


6 1/2. I feel like he wouldn’t know what he’s doing half the time, but since he does have the biggest peepee in K-Pop that makes up for it and it would be nice :3 


8 1/2. I think that he’s the absolute master of seduction, and he knows exactly what he’s doing and he knows how to work it


6. He’d be super good at moving in you and stuff but I feel like he would get tired easily 


8. He’d be great at making the mood amazing throughout the whole time, he’d use his hips really well


10. 10. 10. Like, do I even need to explain this one? 

Zhou Mi

9. I feel like he’s super experienced and that he would cater to everything that you love, and would live up to it


9. I bet he’s a fucking monster in bed, yo. Behind all that goody two shoes shit… Yeah. 


10. Do I have to explain this too? Panties = wet


7. Behind all that innocence and sweetness, I think he’s pretty good! 


8 1/2. Behind all that shyness, he’s prob a master at seduction/panty wetting. He’s probs amazing at foreplay and knows exactly how to work it


8. He would be great at foreplay, during he’d be pretty good. His moans would make everything 1000000x sexier


8. He’s young and he still has it in him! I feel like his young boy sex drive is still there, so it would be really lively and fast paced


i want you to rule the darkness with me, at my side. looking over a black, scorched, dead world. where there is no more pain

             because there are  n o   m o r e   h e a r t s   t o   f e e l .