Happy birthday~!

I spot my daughter who turned a year older yesterday and is now lurking in tumblr so…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VALERIEEEE~! *hugs you tight* for some reason I want to greet you in all sites xD and stupid tumblr said that there is an error when i clicked your ask box .____. so i’m making a post just for you ;)

He’s picking you up since we’re supposed to have dinner tonight? yes? yes? xD

tsunnderie asked:

◕‿◕ huehue

our song: BEAST - Bad Girl
our wedding song: exist†trace - あなた (Anata) (Oh gosh no! This song isn’t happy at all!)
our sex song: U-KISS - Man Man Ha Ni -Japanese ver.-

(I’m almost sorry of all the K-Pop ja J-Rock in my iPod. and my iPod is same thing as my iTunes so I’m using it now. xD And I’m almost sure you don’t know those songs so… Sorryyyy ;__; )