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AYLC第三天 (25July)


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Special Thanks
  1. River Valley High School
  2. WenJiang Middle School
  3. Mr Koh Yong Chiah, Principal, River Valley High School, Singapore
  4. Mr Lu Shi Nian, Principal, WenJiang Middle School, China
  5. Keynote speakers: Mr Fu Yong Lin, Vice Mayor, Chengdu Municipal Government, Dr Yap Meen Sheng, School of the Arts, Singapore 
  6. All honorable guests
  7. All advisors
  8. All teachers
  9. All sponsors, Ministry of Education, Singapore, 成都市温江区教育局
  10. Education Incorporated, Singapore
  11. Inspirar, Singapore
  12. Administrative Committee AYLC 2011
  13. All organising committee members
  14. All facilitators
  15. Photographers
  16. Editorial Club RVHS
  17. All who have contributed to the success of this convention in one way or another
Day Two (24July2011)

The day started on a high note as all participants proceeded to the field in preparation of a mass display after breakfast. After forming the letters “AYLC 2011”, the grand mass display was complete. With music playing in the background, the participants put up a splendid line dance performance in their formation, making it a beautiful sight and an experience which the participants will never forget for certain.

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Day One (23July2011)

A buzz of excitement was filling up the whole Wenjiang Middle School, as participants from more than 70 diverse schools across 10 different regions in Asia gathered together to participate in this year’s Asian Young Leaders Convention. They were about to witness the commencement of a mega event experiencing 3 days of Leadership and Character Development (LCD) Training.

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AYLC 第一天 (23July)

来自70多所学校 ,遍布亚洲10个地区的参与者这几天都陆陆续续地抵达了成都温江中学,使整间学校掀起了一股满怀期待、满怀兴奋的心情。他们一同聚集在此地,为的是同样一个目标-参与今年的 “亚洲学生领袖交流与座谈会” 。他们即将目睹一届规模盛大的活动的开始,并且经历三天的学生领袖培训与品格扩展课程的训练…

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Day Four (26July2011)

The second and final keynote speech for AYLC 2011 was presented by Dr Yap Meen Sheng on the topic of Character and Leadership. It was an insightful speech that captured the interest of everyone present. Much knowledge was gained on the issues discussed as Dr Yap presented his valuable views on the role of character development in shaping leadership in today’s world. An interactive and fruitful panel discussion followed as participants could post questions and enquiries revolving around the topic discussed.

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Day Three (25July2011)

In a short span of only close to 3 days, the LCD training was about to come to a close. Participants gathered in various classrooms to prepare for the group RAPweb (Reminise, Appreciate, Ponder) session. As the name suggests, the key objective of the RAPweb session is to convey and further enhance the participants’ knowledge and application of the 3AGVs, leading them to reflect about what they have gone through over the past few days and build on their sense of appreciation especially.

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AYLC 第三天 (25July)

“亚洲学生领袖交流与座谈会”2011的第二堂,也是最后一堂座谈会是由叶敏盛博士主讲。他主讲的课题是品格与领袖才能。 叶博士以照片及短片的方式进行生动有趣演讲,让观众了解他对于品格扩展训练在社会里对当今的领袖培训起着多大的作用的看法。接下来的问与答时间让参与者能够向叶博士提出关于主讲课题的任何问题,相信大家从中得到了不少启发。

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