Haiti celebrates its 210th anniversary of independence today. “Perhaps we Haitians should tell the whole world that being the FIRST [INDEPENDENT] BLACK NATION is no walk in the park and we have the scars to prove it.” (Woodring Saint Preux) Haiti, the only nation born of a slave revolt, could have been a prosperous country but was impoverished by a crippling, decades-long embargo imposed by Europe and the U.S. after former slaves overthrew the country’s European ruling elites.
L’union Fait La Force. “210 years after we took our independence, let’s continue the fight to put our country on the road to development.” #Ayiti #Haiti #LunionFaitLaForce #UnityMakesStrength #1804 #AyitiCherie #HaitiMyBeloved

This is so sad…let’s help them out…
By @naturalhairdoescare “The NY Natural Hair community is among many today who are mourning the loss of this family. The family of Myriam Labrun, 37, Marcus Jeanty, 14, Marcel Jeanty, 9, Kayla Jeanty, 8 and Moise Yolande, 68, has set up a gofundme account for the funeral expenses. I know how compassionate you all are. Please give as you are able. Go to the link to donate and to read the news account of their passing late Saturday night on the Southern State Parkway. Please repost & share. http://www.gofundme.com/dhyelc
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🙏 She asked me to photograph her. As I clicked into mycamera, she grew timid, placed her hands on her lips as if she was grasping for air. I wasn’t expecting that reaction from a woman of her age. It goes to show that there’s a little girl in all of us. Nevertheless, she is an ageless beauty. — ©Photo by Zazou #FBF #lunionsuite #haitianwoman #haiti #art #haiti #ayiticherie #Zazou #Ayiti #Haitian

In June-July 2012, I went to Haiti for the first time to report on the ongoing cholera epidemic as a Pulitzer student fellow. I had never been to Haiti, and I didn’t really know much about cholera before I started my research. Now I’m completely fixated. I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot in my life but I’ve never felt about a place the way I feel about Haiti. I’ve been back since and hope to head back again soon.

The cholera story in Haiti is a startling one. In this image, a young girl stands on the bow of a boat just back from fishing.

Image and caption by Meghan Dhaliwal. Haiti, 2012.

More by Meghan Dhaliwal reporting from Haiti in Water and Life in Cité Soleil.

#DidYouKnow Haitians were recruited to fight in World War II for the United States?
Haitian Tuskegee Airmen:

Eberle Guilbaud

Alix Pasquet

Raymond Cassagnol

40 recruited, 6 pilots went for training many from the Haitian Army or Airforce. They arrived in segregated Alabama (something they weren’t used to hailing from a free nation) in 1943.
Cassagnol, who would become the only surviving of the Haitian Tuskegee Airmen (the others met tragic ends) was a special guest at the inauguration of President Barack Obama in 2009. #HaitianHeritageMonth #HaitianCulturalMonth #ayiticherie #TeamHaiti #HaitianPride #BlackHistory #Tuskegee #Haiti #Culture #History

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