Scarlett (Scar) James || FC:ayeredd || College Freshman || 19 

Bio: This is Scarlett.. Andrea’s cousin and Kim’s niece who she raised as her daughter. She’s the one person Andrea has a love/hate relationship with. They argue and fight like sisters then 5 seconds later they’re back around each other. Scarlett was around to help Drea when she was in her relationship with Jordan. Simply Scarlett was there with Drea for everything. Scarlett has a big secret which is the main reason she came her.. She can’t hold back anymore. She has to tell Drea whether she likes it or not.


Secret: “Drea doesn’t know this… But Jordan raped me while he was still with her.. I can’t keep this from her any longer.. Even if she hates me afterward.”

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S/O @ayeredd!!!!!!! #repost @ayeredd via @igrepost_app, REPOST FROM @troubleman31: “(To My People)Look at us. Rebels without a cause. Soldiers without a general. A lost generation. Ready for War. No strategy,no training. Armed only with our grief,aggravation, and passionate disdain for our treatment in America. Sick and tired of everything…especially ourselves. We’d rather use the tragedies of our environment as an excuse to act-out,go-off,or turn-up, rather than use our education,talents & future opportunities to get-out,speak-up,& make-a-change.
Look at us… Too Enraged to sit around & do nothing. But Too Entrapped in da cycle of vengeance/hostility to do anything WORTH doing. Look at us. So upset with our conditions that we’ve gone into “Fuck-it” mode…
“Fuck-the-world” “Fuck-the-Police”
And even “Fuck” the wishes & request of a grieving mother,father,family who lost a son…who’s memory they would NOT like to see tarnished by OUR negative ACTIONS/DECISIONS. Naaah G,that ain’t the code, this ain’t da way. What I see us doing is just as futile as swinging wildly into the wind,waiting on the air to get tired. One question to MY PEOPLE: What are we changing…Really? Look at us.
Destroying our own community, but continuing to spend money in theirs.
Refusing education… re-volving in the same cycle of ignorance instead of e-volving out of it. I must admit that I TOO am disgusted wit America’s treatment. I TOO demand change. But Goddddaaaaamn man…. Look at us!!!!! Although I too am at fault to a degree & I admit that I may not have all da answers… I do have a fun fact for you. Insanity is…Going about things the same way,expecting a different result. U wanna different result? U must take different action. What else do u expect? Look at us!!!”

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