Today we went to Ayala Triangle to watch this epic lights and sound display. Our walk-aton is super worth it because of this show! :p Then we went to starbucks in G5 to make our “business proposal” for our business in Soderno in Molito, Alabang. *wish us luck* yay!! Ugh that’s all for now guys :) :P Good morning :)

It was a random night. Supposed to go home early and take a rest but my mind told me to ride and to squeeze myself to that jam packed train. Walked down the busy streets; my feet never stopped til I get there.

The place was crowdy yet peaceful. Christmasy songs calmed my head. Smile was on everyone’s face. Felt like a kid watching those dancing lights. Amazed how beautiful the lights were, and the night was.

Then there was Arli, a tumblr friend, whom I met that night for the very first time. Had dinner with this encouraging lady, so hopeful, so calm, and so kind. Talked about life and stuff. It was a pretty random night. And it was beautiful. And I’m truly grateful and thankful to God for that.
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