when i hear funny jokes about stjerneklart i always remember how in “the penguins of Madagascar” where riko will be like…where they store all this weird shit  and i love Akhiranar’s reactions in those jokes about…yah

i tried drawing both rebornica and varsyl’s sonas right (hell i feel that ive taken bits of drawing styles from both of them so *cries*)

uh…ill just…go now

Drew some dirty stuff

Um… Here’s some uh… Sheriff riding his Dae… It was inspired from Varsyl’s post about the horns… and uh… This happened… You will not regret looking at this.))

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Gang Ashton Imagine

So I’ve been reading a lot of gang 5sos lately and I thought I’d give it a try. It’s not very good, but I hope like it. 

It was currently a little past two in the morning as you roamed the dark streets of New York. You normally didn’t spend your early morning hours out and about, because you’d rather be curled up in bed with your boyfriend sound asleep. But not this time. Your boyfriend and you had gotten into a pretty big fight, ending up with you storming out of your shared apartment and out into the wild city. You wandered around for an hour carelessly and as you turned to go head back home, you then realized you were completely lost.

“Oh fuck.” You muttered to yourself not knowing where to go. Somehow you had managed to wind up in a sketchier part of the city. Everything surrounding you was dark and grungy.  The darkness terrified you, but you tried to stay calm as best you could. You walked a few blocks in the direction that you thought would lead you back to your apartment, but you weren’t certain. Oh how you wish you had brought your cell phone, but with all the yelling and anger you just stormed out of the house, with no phone or purse. You were all on your own with only your wits. Another half hour walking around, you felt someone’s presence near. Your fright level increased significantly. You felt as if you were being watched and stalked. Speeding up your pace, you tried your best to find your way home, but you were having no luck. Your feet were so sore. You were about to just sit down on the sidewalk and cry when, someone came up behind you. The stranger wrapped their arms around you and held what felt like a gun to your waist.  

“Don’t move, or I’ll shoot.” You’re coming with me sweetheart.” A low voice growled in your ear. You stayed quiet and they forced you to walk to the end of the block, where there was a black car parked. The stranger reached over you to open the door and pushed you inside the vehicle. Sliding in after you, he locked the car door and turned to the driver.

“Drive.” He growled and the drove off. You didn’t move, you were frozen in your seat out of fear.

“You’re coming to live with me sweet heart.” You could see the stranger’s appearance now. He had dark blondish/brown hair and hazel green eyes.

“They call me Ashton.” He had a thick Australian sounding accent. “And you my dear are the lovely (Y/N), girlfriend of the one and only Chase Johnson. And I bet you’re wondering why I’m bringing you home with me. Well sweet heart, your boyfriend’s a dirty scum bag and owes me a whole lot of money. He has already killed three of my guys and now I’m taking something of his. I’m taking you.” His words scared the living shit out of you. You had no idea your boyfriend was into any of this gang stuff. And now you were going to who knows where with this Ashton guy who was threating your life. You stayed silent, too scared to speak. So Ashton spoke instead.

“You’re a lot prettier up close and personal. You don’t speak much though.” You moved closer to you.

“Go on, say something,” He whispered in your ear. But you stayed quiet. He waited for a few more minutes but was interrupted by the driver.
“Do you want me to pick up the others sir?” Ashton moved back to his original seat. “Nah, they’ll meet us back at the base.” The driver nodded as Ashton pulled out his phone to call someone.

“Hey Luke.” He spoke into the phone. You picked up on a bit of their conversation.

“Yeah, I got the girl. She’s gonna come live with us until Chase pays me……”

“Yeah, I know, but it’s the only plan we’ve got….”

“Okay, I’ll see you at base.” And with that he hung up. There were only ten minutes in the car, until you pulled up onto a long drive way mostly hidden by trees, to a tall building. “This must be their base” you thought to yourself. When the car stopped, Ashton pulled you out and walked you to the front entrance. Two rather large guys stood on either side of the door. They moved aside as you and Ashton approached. He pushed you through the door and walked you through the building. The base was big and had plain while walls. When you first walked in there was a large room with couches and chairs and a large television. “This is probably where the hang out mostly.” You thought. “The lounge” Ashton gestured to the room. He then led you out of the lounge and down a long plain hallway. There were many door on either side. As you were guided down the hall, one door opened and a half naked boy with dark black hair stepped out.

“Next time you try to deny me a blowjob, I’ll strap you down to the bed using those ties and fuck you into tomorrow.” He yelled out into the room he came out of.

“Hey, Michael, you punish another one of your sluts?” Ashton slightly chuckled talking to the boy.

“Yea, I just slapped her ass a few times, until she agreed to suck me off.” Michael laughed and walked passed. Your eyes widened at his words. You really didn’t want to have to do anything sexual. You were afraid that they might make you though. Ashton saw your panic.

“Don’t worry, no one will do anything to you. I won’t let that happen. I’m not like the other assholes here. They just fuck any girl they bring here. I don’t agree with rape.” You calmed down a bit when he said that. Thankful you wouldn’t be made a sex toy. Ashton and you stopped at the last door on the hall.

“This will be your room. Mine’s across the hall, just knock if you need anything.” And with that he left you alone in your room. It wasn’t very big but it wasn’t too small. It had a small bed with black bedding and a book self. There was one closet and a small bathroom. You sat down on your bed and got lost in your thoughts. It started with a fight with your boyfriend. You accused him of cheating, which led to a huge fight and you stormed out of the apartment. After getting lost in the city, you ended up getting kid napped, because your boyfriend owed money. Tears started to fill your eye lids. You sobbed and sobbed your eyes out. Curling up into bed, you cried yourself to sleep.

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