Save Darfur

I’ve been a member of several pro human rights organisations for several years, from pretty well known ones like Amnesty International, to lesser known ones such as Axis of Justice. One of the main things being fought for right now, and for several years is trying to bring an end to the atrocious human rights violations and mass genocide going on within Darfur.If you don’t know much or anything about Darfur I’ll help you get up to speed.

Darfur is a region located within western Sudan, with roughly a population of about 7 ½ million, and has been the site for massive human rights violations and has been declared a state of humanitarian emergency since 2003. After years of neglect within Darfur by its central government a few conflicts began within Darfur’s western region which saw the birth of two militia groups (The Sudan Liberation Army “SLA” and the Justice and Equality Movement “JEM”) which sought to bring down Darfur’s central government by starting an insurgency against them. The Sudanese President at the time Omar al-Bashir sought to rid Darfur of these militias by starting a militia of their own who are known as the Janjaweed who were sent in to “cleanse” Darfur of any civilian that shared the same ethnic background as the two militia groups by destroying their food and water supplies and systematically torturing,killing and raping thousands of Darfuris, which has been estimated at 300,000 Darfuris dead and over 3 million have been displaced from their homes and villages. Since this event the crisis has been labelled a genocide and despite humanitarian efforts and massive movements from the Genocide Intervention Network, The Save Darfur Coalition and United to End Genocide these atrocities still go on to this day. President Omar al-Bashir is wanted for crimes against humanity, as well as charges of genocide and war crimes and continues to commit these atrocities despite these charges.

The reason I’m typing this article is because despite this happening right now in Darfur, there has been little to no reports on this within the news and Darfur has been very overlooked considering how serious the situation currently is within there. Genocide is a very serious crime, whether it be the Armenian Genocide committed in 1915 or the mass genocide of Jews during World war two or the current genocide of Palestinians at the hands of Israel it should not and cannot be tolerated. If any of you could take even 10 minutes out of your day to visit to raise awareness or even make a donation towards this cause I would be very grateful as the more people who know about Darfur, the more difference can be made for the country.