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You're a creep with those eyes, you're a night monster! - Bully. (inspired by the last. This is no anon hate though!)

Her head lowers.


               All of the things that subconsciously swam in her mind.
The way her veins protruded from her head; the pupiless,
white-eyes… She knew she was unnvering, and it was
best to keep her head turned down, away from the eyes
     of others, to avoid making anyone feel uncomfortable.

“… I-…” She swallowed her words, looking meek in front of the other.

And then there’s this beautiful song called Tenerife Sea, I’ve never been able to write love songs the way that Ed does. He writes the sweetest, most, like intimate, tender love songs that are so open and I’ve never been able to be happy and write songs about being happy and he does it so well, so that song I think is the most envious I’ve ever been with his music, just like how do you channel that so easily you’re so happy and you’re translating that so well.
—  Taylor Swift