Last weekend I went to Matsuricon! It was a fun fun time, and the con, while “small” had a great line-up of VA’s attending. One of them being Scott Freeman, the voice actor for England in the Hetalia dub. I decided to go to his autograph signing Sunday morning. I doodled up a quick England bust for him to sign, thinking it would only be just that; I walk up, he signs it, I leave.

But that did not happen.

I walked up to him after waiting in line and smiled and was like “Hi! Can you maybe sign this drawing I did of England?” and he took the drawing and was like “…you drew this? Like…did you base it off somebody??” and I just shook my head and said “Nope! I just doodled it this morning in my hotel room.” And he looked at it again, and then looked up at me and said

"…do you wanna hang out?" And I literally went into shock and was like "r-…really?" and he was like "Yeah!! Let’s hang out! Right now! After my signing! I want to see how you draw. :D" and I was like "okay!! i’ll draw whatever you’d like!" So he signed my drawing and I left the room as calmly as I could. Once I was out the door, I RAN back to my friends and yelled about how Scott Freeman wants to hang out with me. We went back to the room and patiently waited

Once he was done with his signing he came over and was like “Alright, let’s go find somewhere to sit!” and a girl came u pto him and said “No, you have a panel to go to” and he was like “…I DO?!” and he apologized to me and I insisted it was okay, so we took a photo together and he left.

Even though I didn’t get to hang out with him….HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT?


Gill walked down the hall. Looking in every room she could see in. Some had nothing in it , or had just corpses in it. Nothing what wouldnt scare her by now. She saw to many dead people , and living people. But they were more than insane and chased her. She was being chased too. Eddie gluskin searched for her , but she could get rid of him.

Her bare feets walked over the dirty floor.The dress she was wearing going after her , getting more dirtier and dirtier by every step. Her body felt weack and she felt tierd. Running around all day was exhausting. So she was searching for a save room to sleep in.

Finally after some hours she found one. “f-finally. ” she closed the door and sat down at one of the walls. “f-finally gettng some sleep is the best thing here…” She whispered as she closed her eyes. But something was odd. She felt a presence in the room. Slowly she opened her eyes again. Before her stood a men with various tubes and scars on his body. Gill backed away from him and looked with fear up at him. “w-w-w-w-who are you?!p-please dont hurt me!” 

(( patient-negative1 ))

they said the Doctor wanted to join the army. no, seriously, what army? the only “army” i could think of was The Chancellory Guard (although they make a terrible army).
so, if we assume that the Doctor wanted to join the Chancellory Guard as a kid, we can totally understand Fivey’s motives, when he took Maxil’s appearance when he regenerated.))

Two sides! But which one to choose? (Closed rp)

It was allways a pain to have only two hours of sleep. Today it was again a day were gill had to stand up , to go to her second job. She worked at the nightwatch at mount massiv asylum. And because its called nightwatch she had to stand up again at midnight. Murkoff was hard , and she had to be there on time. Slowly she raised up from her warm bed. With a small groan she began to go to the bathroom and made herself fresh for the upcoming work. As she was finished with everything she walked to her car. Gill didnt drunk any coffe because , she just wasnt the type to drink it , and it didnt worked by her anyway. At work she had enough stress , even more since two of her co workers and friends were fighting everytime. She just didnt knew why!There were no need to fight. Gill got into her car and drove off to work.

After some time she finally was at her work place. The young women had a small smile on her face as she didnt hear any yelling or things crashing to the ground. “oh thanks god , they´re not fighting…” Quickly she changed into her work cloths. With a smile on her face she walked into the break room.Ethan was standing there and drunk his coffe or tea. “ethan!” She walked up to him and gave him a quick hug. “Good morning!”