anonim şöyle dedi:

I'm sorry you are having a bad day, that sucks and you don't deserve that :/ we are all here for you though and love and support you so much! xx

Aww thanks nonny!

rainywithachanceofstars şöyle dedi:

Congrats on your super-scarf!


aww man I am seriously pumped to get this thing—I’ve been wanting a super-scarf for ages, but usually they’re either ugly colours, not at all soft, or more than I’d like to spend on a scarf. now I’m getting one that’s gorgeous, soft (according to devie), and only costs me the price of shipping! HELL YEAH

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Aww yay!! :D I'm glad to hear you date went well! It's ur calum girl anon again! Oh and I would come off anon.. :o but I"m always really shy about it! >.< Cuz my blog isn't really all that.. haha. I just use it to show my love for things.. :) hehe. And I don't think I'm cool enough, like i'm embarrassed. You know what I mean? hehe. But you seem like a really nice person, so I shouldn't be scared right? Anyway, Hope your day was great :) ^^

aww don’t be shy, you are a sweetie pie :) come off anon whenever you want :)) 

anonim şöyle dedi:

Please make more poses of models. U are the best1 i love ur blog, dear! :3

aww that so sweet, thank you million times for your kindness anony! c’:

actually, I have plan to make new posebox already, but my Uni is pretty busy. I have free time just only Sat or Sun. And now midterm-test is coming closely to kill me. Q_Q” I will back to make the box done when I survive from it ok? haha~