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Hi! This is weird but I'm on my phone and the app doesn't allow as much to be written as tumblr itself so here I am on my browser. My url is r-5secondsofsummer. I'm picky about what I read and I enjoy your writing! lol I ship you with Michael, you'd be so cute with him! I'm tall-ish, I guess, at 5'7 with long blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm shy when I first meet you but really weird the more you get to know me. I'm really awkward, especially when put on the spot. I loveee reading and writing.

aww thanks so much lovely!x

Ship: Luke


Blurb: The night before your wedding you would be sitting reading when all of a sudden Luke would grab your book out of your hands and replace it with a photo album. You would open it up and in it would be all the pictures of the two of you and all the little notes and stuff that you gave each other.

I hope you liked it r-5secondsofsummer

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you are beautiful and i believe flowers grow inside of your heart

aww thanks :3 i love flowers ihihi who are you?

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Put your music on shuffle and answer these questions!! Once you’re done tag 10 followers!!

1. Title of the first song you land on describes how you die. One Thing- One Direction  

2. Second song will desribe your love life. what is it? My Songs Know What You Did In The  Dark- Fall Out Boy

3. Third song will be playing at your wedding. what is it? Starlight- Taylor Swift that’s so cute aww

4. Add “in my pants to the title of the 4th song you land on. Begin Again in my pants OMG 

5. 5th song will be playing at your funeral- The Story of Us-Taylor Swift my funeral is gonna be a huge dance party hell yeah

6. 6th song is your theme song. What is it? Change-Taylor Swift yass i LOVE this song

7. 7th song will play when you think of someone you love. What is it? You and I- One Direction  aww that’s so cute

8. Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of your eighth song: Lego House with a shovel and a screwdriver haha i like it

9. 9th song will describe your week. What is it? Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen

10. 10th song will play when you miss someone.What is it? Love Story iHeart Radio remix- Taylor Swift

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Elsa,you are my hero. You see,i can relate to you a lot,and thanks to you i've started getting over my depresssion. Thank you.



        ❝& you are my hero.
          You are brave and wonderful.
          If you ever need someone there,
          know that you may always come
          to me. I will do whatever I can to
          help you.

                             Always remember that where there is darkness,
                             there is always light. It might seem as though
                             you might never see the light again, but you WILL.
                             I swear to you, things will get better. You just need
                             to hold onto hope.❞

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have you come out to your parents and other members of your family? also, I think you're great.

aww thank you! ^_^ i came out when i was 13, but went back into the closet after reparative therapy. i came out again as gay when i was 16, but i haven’t updated my family on the subtleties of my sexual identity that i’ve discovered since.

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i'm so excited for chapter 6! You writing is amazing and i hope there's more writings to come!

aww thank you!  Chapter 6 is up :3.  Enjoy!!  Currently stick in writer’s block so idk Temporary Affairs may be the last one until a quiet lull begins :( then i have to wait until I get my inspiration back.  

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❋ ✪ ☓

❋ Your blog is one of my favs

✪ You seem like a cool person

☓ We should talk!

aww, thanks ^_^ (and we should talk ^_^ feel free to send me a message anytime [although it shouldn’t rely solely on you, I should stop being lazy and send a message once in a while ^^” lazy five-chan is lazy //slapped])