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um, hi, i was the anon that was referenced to your blog and i just thik the ot3 is the cutest thing in the world and hi so yea... btw, do you know of any fanfiction or if they have a ship name because it is so hard to find anything and I found you so i'm super happy now and i'm going to go now

aww, hey no worries! It really is cute and has the potential to be so great. Like can we just imagine those three together? Delightful.

I don’t know of any ff, unfortunately. The only thing I have seen is James/Sirius, where Lily is kind of….used as an obstacle to them being together?? Which is sad.

As for a ship name, I generally use queermarauders OT3 Rebel Rebel Rebel. (b/c it rocks)

You are more than welcome to headcanon jam with me, friend. And if you’re shy and you don’t want me to publish your asks, just let me know and I won’t. Or you can stay anon :) *high fives* options. 

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What does it feel when a millipede walks on you? Also, bugs terrify me, but yours are quite pretty. They seem like interesting pets ^.^

Aww thank you! <3 They are wonderful pets, I must confess!!

A big millipede walking all over you, I suppose, is an..aquired taste lmao
My husband doesn’t like it, but I think it’s just the neatest feeling. It’s like a thousand bristley little grabbers lactching onto you and tickling your skin. And sometimes it really, really does tickle!  

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Aww! Thank you! You're very handsome:). How is your night going?

Oh gee thanks. It’s going okay. I went out and was social for a bit, and that was nice, but now I’m home and lying in bed and I just feel really bummed out. I don’t know why. Do you ever just get hit with a semi truck of unexplained sadness? It sucks. Hopefully I’ll feel better in the morning. I have to get up early :(

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melon vanilla orange 8)

melon - my first impression of you

Well, I must say that I thought kind of too selective, despite I was like very excited about reading  my fav Lupo’s Fiora I really thought I was kind of “wasting” my time on talking to you because you were going to ignore me. -And omfg I WAS SO FUCKING WRONG!!-

vanilla - what i like most about you

Hmm that you’ve try to RP with me and spend some time on me and of course not only on me but the people you interact with, like, idk what you do for a living but when you’re here you look very attentive dlakjfak

orange - my opinion of you now and our status

aww  I think I already said it but yeah I think you’re kind and you’re very kind and deberíamos jugar AC4 u otra cosa por ahí y también desarrollar la relación entre musas porque sería divertido descubrír su relación. <3

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Omg I love your account!! IK ur a super big account but if you see this and want to it would mean the world to me if you checked out or followed mine!! thanks even if you dont and dont stop ur accounts perf x1000

Aww you’re such a sweetie, thank you!!!! :)

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I've been following you for a while and thought I would let you know something I've learned. In terms of tags, only the first 5 or so actually show up in searches. The rest tend to be for reference when searching individual blog pages. Like, if you wanted to tag something with "sterek," it would show up in the searches and when people search your blog for that tag. But if that's the 8th tag you've used, it only shows up when people search your blog.

Aww, thank you for letting me know good sir/madam.  I was unaware of that but now I shall be more specific in my tags.  I wonder why Tumblr would set that limit?

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We'll you had a post that said who are you? What's your favorite ship? What's your favorite ice cream flavour? And do you own a cat? I think so anyways Im bored and don't know anybody I'm here soo I'm Lauren My favorite ship is percabeth My favorite ice cream flavour umm idk it depends on what mood I'm in lol And sadly no I'm not allowed to own a cat :'( What about you!?!?

Yesssss thanks :)) aww thats sad i cant have a cat either but i would love to cats are great

Buutt my name is Yannick my fave ship is jon x ygritte orrrr percabeth and fave ice cream is vanilla :)

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Gee, I'm really scared, i find out tomorrow if I'm having reconstructive knee surgery! 😰😭

Aww, sweet pea. It’ll be okay! I know it’s scary, but you’re in great hands, I know and I’m sure, if you do have it, you’ll be feeling so much better. It’s okay to be scared, but you’re in really, really good hands. I’ll be thinking about you and sending you my love. :) xx.