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Didn't sleep because my girlfriend lives in Germany and she has a day off from Uni so I'm determined to spend more time with her.

AWW THAT’S SO CUTE!!! she sounds so nice im burnin 

Convo IWith a Guy at Work Who Recently Found Out I Was Bi
  • <b>Joel:</b> wait so what's it (being bi) like?<p><b>Me:</b> well I guess it's kinda frustrating<p><b>Joel:</b> why? Don't you have have more options?<p><b>Me:</b> yea but the thing about girls is that we don't believe in no homo. So I could go up to any girl i'm like mildly aquainted with and go 'you look marvelous I would totally bang you.' And they'd be like oh stop it you're so nice!<p><b>Joel:</b> wait really?<p><b>Me:</b> yeah and it's a pain cause it's like no you don't understand I really do wanna bang you.<p><b>Joel:</b> I don't believe you.<p><b>Me (to girl over in drive thru):</b> Hey Ashley!<p><b>Ashley:</b> yeah?<p><b>Me:</b> you look marvelous tonight. Like I would totally bang you.<p><b>Ashley (obviously flattered):</b> aww thanks!<p><b>Joel:</b> O__O<p>