bohemianjade said: Aww, how adorable are they both? Omg, that was super cute!! Love how you tell Japril’s story through their children’s eyes, wish we could see Japril say “I love you” A LOT in canon. awesome!

Oh wow. I never realized I told japril stories through their kids’ eyes. I never even thought about it, but I totally do and I love it too.

I think that April and Jackson will learn to treasure what they have and value love after this storm (on the show. I mean, after they recover from the mess they’re at and built a family, etc) and so my headcanon is that they say I love you a lot just to keep up with that feeling of love and reassurance they are here to stay. Does that make sense? Of course the kids see it! ahaha

Ain’t my japril kids cute, though?! So cute.

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echt peinlich, wie leute dich haten, nur weil sie keinen sinn für humor haben. mach dir nichts aus diesen fickern, die wahren fans sind wir, alle die dich unterstützen und dich auch verstehen wollen! man kann ja auch so dumm sein und deinen humor sofort ernst nehmen, sry aber wie alt sind die bitte? 12? 13? ist tumblr zu einem kindergarten mutiert? und ich liebe dich ❤️ lass die anderen doch an ihrer scheiße ersticken!

Aww süße💕💕

Seriously feeling emotional, walked by isle of the store had bunch of Ellie magazines with Taylor on them, and i just happen to glance at my screen saver on my phone and like im just so happy I’m like thats my friend and shes just so amazing i love her so much. Thats what i see on magazines i just smile and go aww Taylor she looks so pretty wonder how she doing today…

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17, fem, im like 164cm im rlly short, brown for eye and hair colour, and i really like crying over fictional homosexuals and lesbians, i'd take you on a road trip and we can look at the stars while we listen to the front bottoms

Aww how sweet ^^ I’d love that.

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Plus you pretty way not me talk him you?

Aww thank you for saying im pretty. I guess im just nervous. I dont think im good enough

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I'm sorry this is awkward but you're too cute :c how old are you :OOO t. another ace

Aww thank you c: I’m seventeen