anonymous said:

I think your really awesome. I'm shy to talk to you, but I love seeing your posts and reblogs, you're great and so is your blog.

Aww thank you :)

anonymous said:

You’re it! Rules are: copy this message to 10 other beautiful blogs who you think deserve this message! Keep the game going, and make everyone feel beautiful! \(◕‿◕)/

Aww thank you so much :D

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This is the Amazing Person Award! Once you are given this award you are supposed to paste it in the ask of eight different people, who, in your opinion, deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it's sweet to know someone thinks you're amazing inside and outside :3

Aww, thanks!!! *hugs tightly*

that-dark-haired-perv said:

✿ ✩ ☼ #✓ ♣

✿ -  I’m too shy to talk to you : Really? Well that’s okay, I can understand that.
✩ - You inspire me: Woah?! I do? Well that’s great.
☼ - You make me smile: Aww…That’s nice
#- I want to thank you: For what exactly? Well anyway no need to it was no problem since I have no idea.
✓ - I like you: Seriously? That is just… >.<
♣ - I want to cuddle you: Yeah! Let’s cuddle! Anytime possible, I love cuddling!

Hey Sasuke I notice we're apart a lot because of my schedule.

"So I went out and got you some pets to keep you company while I’m gone! You get to name ‘em ok?"

"Here you go one kitten."

"Another kitten, and then here’s an animal I was going to keep but mom wouldn;t let me so I figured I might as well leave him with you because he reminds me of you and I know I can trust you to take good care of him."

"He’s a german shepard. Careful he’s a big licker."

Sasuke eyes widen in surprise not expected to see so many animals “Wow goten you didn’t tell me you had pets but I do my best to look after them thanks..” He mutters with an warm smile happy these animals will keep him company while goten was away