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Aww thank you I was panicking when I got here being overwhelmed and alone and I felt so lost and I was crying and thinking of going back to the airport and I just wanted to go back home and then I found a friend from home and I met a couple people and I finally found my roommate and it’s actually going really awesome for my first night but I miss everybody so much already I never realized that it’d hit me like it did but hey if you ever get the chance to come to Florida please don’t hesitate to visit me darling

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aww ur cute and you can just call me... later

I was hoping that would say call me… maybe. and then I could reference carly rae jepson. Now what do I say.

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NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE. Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and send this to 10 of your favorite followers

aww thank you!! ♥

nice thingsss uh

1. I like my hair (sometimes)
2. I like my hands
3. I have a pretty cool eye colour
4. ahh I’m pretty good at balancing my guitar on my head :o
5. I have good taste in music ha

thank you again!!

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i miss made in mullingar so much. i'm really sad you decided not to re-post it anywhere else but i just wanna let you know i seriously enjoyed every bit of it and i do look forward to your new writing. :)

aww thanks :))

I had a lot of fun writing it, and it taught me a lot! 

But, I promise, my new fic will make you forget MIM ever existed hahaa

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It seems like you have to deal with more ignorance coming from your posts than pretty much anyone else I follow on tumblr and I'm sorry about that D:

aww you’re nice, i like u

oh—thatbane replied to your post:{ shooting star; What I think of you.} Sorry, Jan. I’m on mobile~

Iluuuuuu too bby *hugs tight* aww thank you I think the same about you~ <3 ( Believe me I understand xD you know if I could’ve I definitely would’ve brought you with me to meet him in heart beat! )

I probably would’ve squeaked more than usual and wound up a puddle on the ground if I went with you xD Worse than when I met Karl.

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anon from earlier- WHOA GOODNESS ME THAT WAS REALLY FANTASTIC *w* it was worth the wait aaaaahhh <333 sweet and very hot hehe- also i read your role-plays as well! i love yer guys AUs~

Aww, thanks for reading it! I’m glad you like it. The whole idea was my bae Garnets so I mean, thank them. 

I’m glad to hear someone reads our rps! I’m so thrilled to hear so many peeps do.