aww bro

“let’s get friendship tattoos bro. I’ll get the ship and you get the compass cuz you always guide me home.”
“Brooo sick.”
“I’ll even get two birds and make one look like you to symbolise our everlasting brohood.”

“I’ll get the words and you get the quotes because we finish each other’s sentences.”

“I’ll get the heart and you get the arrow.”
“Why bro?”
“Cuz I love you bro.”
“Aww bro I love you too.”
“Wanna get married bro? To commemorate our palship?”
“Bruh. You had me at oops.”

anonymous asked:

Out of curiousity, have you been working on both, or one at a time?


I’m doing my best to match each character’s word preferences.  Turns out a lot of the girls like to use the word “fellow” when talking to a guy.  I’m hoping this retains a lot of the game’s charm.

Replacing the word “Wife” with “Husband” is a thorn in my side because of spacing, though.  I really wish I could just replace it with “Bro”.

“I’m glad you’re my Bro”. “You’re my dream Bro.” “I am truly happy, and  blessed to have you as my Bro”.

Totally works, right?

Hey guys...

…Hawkeye #11 came out TODAY.

Don’t be a bro and post panels from it already. Certainly not without a spoiler tag.

That also goes for All-New X-Men. Thanks for ruining that joke for me, everyone.

Once again, not EVERYONE gets their new comics on new comic day. Have some courtesy.

Being turned into a little kid would just be a waste, ‘cause he had already dealt with me as a five-year-old, and it’s really not all that different from now. And I think I mess with Ludwig enough that I wouldn’t really need to get revenge on him. Y’know, in that really bad kinda way. I actually did that to him once, and it really sucked. But like I said before, taking care of Kid Ludwig it did make me realize how much he’d have to go through to raise me and my other bros, so props to him.

And I guess… I could try to be a teeny-tiny, little bit nicer to him from now on… Maaaaybe.