awkwardjetpack replied to your post: You’re a female in high school. You don’t have a crush on Darren Criss, you’re in love with him. You like nutella. You’re jewish. You’re insecure, but have more confidence than a lot of people. You hate people.Obviously I know you’re fandoms. You want to be famous. You sing, but not as well as people think you do, but better than most. You don’t have trouble making friends, but most aren’t really you’re friends, are they? You’re done with life but you can’t seem to escape it yet. I understand.

Ooh! Someone do this to me!:D Ahahaha:) ps. I LOVE YESSICA! Long time no talk!

Who freaking deduced that? BECAUSE WOW.

Ily! It’s been a while! We need to talk more!

awkwardjetpack replied to your photo: Sorry to interrupt the anger. Feeling depressed…

I LIKE YOUR SHIRT. It’s so colorful. Btw, I APPRECIATE YOUR LIVEBLOGGING! I never get around to watching glee on Tuesday’s so you always allow me to “watch” it. Thank you. It’s like, the ONLY highlight of my day. All thanks to you:)

Omg. Have I ever told you how much I love you???

I made my shirt :)

And I had no idea anyone actually kept up with my liveblogging! It’s mostly crazy random nonsense and quotes. Just, omg. Thank you, and you’re welcome, and omg.

Highlight of your day. If you could see my fangirling.

Just, thanks so much. You always seem to know how to make me smile.

Thank you.

You’re the best. :)