There’s nothing more awkward than getting caught dancing in your boxers by your elderly neighbor. I kinda feel sorry for this woman because she’s caught me in all sorts of awkward situations and I’m pretty sure she thinks CJ and I have like really aggressive sex or something because he’s always moaning my name—- But that’s mainly because I always eat his food.


Person: So you’re in the band huh?
Me: You know it.
Person: What do you play?
Me: I’m the Drum Major.
Person: So…
Me: I conduct.
Person: *silence*…
Me: …I’m the person who waves their arms at the band?
Person: *silence*…
Me: …

Drum Majors everywhere can fully admit they’ve been in a situation like this. Take the pledge and spread awareness for Drum Majors everywhere. Help prevent awkward situations like the one stated above. Take a stand. Only you can educate the public about being drum major, so act now.

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Can you recommend any Kurtbastian fanfics or fan videos?

Oh… crap. Uhm… I can… try? I have actually never watched any Kurtbastian fanvideos so… Ican’t really recommend any and I don’t read that much fanfictions and when I do they’re short or just one shots so… sorry. 

Faking It by keepcalm90
"While out shopping one day Kurt runs into his ex Blaine and the man he left him for. Enter Sebastian Smythe a handsome onlooker who feels obligated to help Kurt out of the awkward situation by posting as his boyfriend. Now the two must keep up the act while trying to navigate their budding feeling for each other."

Marooned by keepcalm90
"Based On Blue Lagoon The Awakening: Kurt Hummel is one of the most popular kids in school. Sebastian Smythe is McKinley’s resident loner. While on a school trip to Fiji the unlike pair end up falling overboard a party boat and ultimately wash up on the shore of a deserted island. At first the tension is high but as time progresses the two find themselves growing closer."

(just read anything by keepcalm90 on She’s really great!)

Kurtbastian One-Shots from Tumblr
by fbeauchamphartz
Basically what the title says. I haven’t finished it yet because there’s more than 100 but they’re really good. She also has a part two. And she’s a great writer so I’m sure you’ll like her stuff.

And if you’re interested in one shots… or funny one shots… or smutty one shots…:

Oral Fixation by Captain Harley Quinn
"Kurt has an oral fixation. His boyfriend, Sebastian, gets tired after seeing everything else get action apart from him."

Bedtime Story by Aetheriata
"Kurt can’t sleep. Sebastian helps him out."

Property of Kurt Hummel by partitioning
"After a night of drinking, Kurt and Sebastian wake up with matching tattoos."

Curiosity, indeed by fanficloverme96
"Kurt has this little curiosity about a certain matter and he shows it to Sebastian to prove his point.Mentions and hints of voyeurism. (kitty!Kurt)"

50 Things I Despise About You by eloquentfever
"50 things Kurt Hummel hated about Sebastian, but tolerated. All dialogue."
50 Things I Hate About You by eloquentfever
"50 things Sebastian Smythe hated about Kurt Hummel, but tolerated. All dialogue. Kurtbastian. Companion piece to "50 Things I Despise About You""

Painted Lips & Dirty Knees by thedaltonwriter
"Prompt fill. AU skank!Kurt/teacher!Sebastian"

Baby You’re The Top by keepcalm90
"Part 4 in the Nerd Sebastian, Bad Boy Kurt verse. Kurt convinces Sebastian to skip school and then proceeds to gives him a day he’ll never forget."

…and that’s all I can think of right now. I can also suggest you anything by scentofsummerrain (she mostly writes klaine but she has some great Kurtbastian stories too) and… I don’t know. I FORGOT EVERYTHING I’VE EVER READ

I’m probably not very helpful so HERE's an amazing fic rec post by dannyseguel who is one of the biggest Kurtbastian shippers I know and HERE is an amazing blog dedicated just to Kurtbastian fics. You can also find a lot of great stuff HERE which is a blog dedicated to anything Kurtbastian (fanart, fanfiction, fanvideos aus…)



I just witnessed someones terrible awkward situation out my window.

A car took a shortcut through the cemetery next to my house. An entire funeral procession with full pipe marching band started coming the other way. Its a one way road.

It was the most awkward face-off I’ve ever seen.

Their horrified awkwardness permeated through the entire area as they slowly started reversing.

Cant Ya Tell This is Austin

Chapter 6. Sorry its so short y’all I dont feel good.

Blake sighed with relief when he heard Austin start to cry in his bedroom. He excused himself from what he was sure was one of the most awkward situations in his life. Blake gently pushed Austin’s bedroom door and walked over to the crib where his son was calling out for him. “Hey buddy, you’re alright.” He lifted the fussy toddler into his arms and pressed a kiss to his mess of dark hair. “You just had a bad dream is all.” Blake moved over to the rocking chair and began to rock back and forth slowly smiling when he saw that Austin was starting to calm down. “You know buddy I love you so much.” Blakes hand moved to rub Austin’s thick mop of hair as he continued to rock him. “I’m sorry I haven’t been a part of your life so far but you have to believe me when I say that daddy will do anything and everything he can to make up for it.” He felt the tears start to fill his eyes as Austin reached up and grabbed his face. Blake pressed a kiss to the little boys palm and continued to rock him to sleep.

In the kitchen Miranda had just gotten done talking to Hannah. She set her free for the night reassuring her that she had everything with Blake under control before she headed out. After cleaning up the coffee cups Miranda headed upstairs towards Austin’s room, what she saw made her heart melt…there sat her ex-husband and son…from the looks of it Austin had drifted off to sleep and Blake was silently crying. Miranda walked up beside him and put her hand on his back. “Hey…why don’t you go ahead and put Austin to bed alright?” Blake nodded silently and rose to his feet before placing his son in his crib and heading towards the bedroom door. He gently shut it behind him and turned to face Miranda. “So…how much do you hate me?” He asked as he took a step towards her and put his hands on her shoulder and sighing deeply, he still felt awful about of all of it and wanted more than anything in the world to make things right between them. The last thing in the world Blake was expecting was for her to crash her lips onto his but the second it happened he pressed his body into hers and before he really had time to process what was happening they wound up in bed together. The moment he rolled off of her he regretted it…he knew he shouldn’t have done that to her, shouldn’t have taken advantage of her but he couldn’t help it…he craved her, he had to have her. He turned over to face her and pressed a kiss to her temple. “Baby, I’m so sorry about all of this.” Miranda looked up at him confusion all across her face. “Blakey, you didn’t do anything wrong…that was the last test…Hannah said that us winding up in bed together was the last step to your recovery…you’re going to be fine.” Blake shook his head and slipped out of bed. “I’ve gotta get out of here…I’ve got to clear my head.” 

Imagine professionnal killers Eridan and Equius. They have very different killing styles : Equius is brutal and quick, and Eridan’s more grandiloquent, spectacular. They’re both fascinated by each other - Eridan because Equius’ so destructive and yet so discrete, and Equius because Eridan has accomplished so many missions (or so it is said) and he really respects that. They finally meet when their bosses try to get rid of them because they start to be too famous for their own good. They’re supposed to kill each other. That’s when the situation gets awkward.

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