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Hey everyone. I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday be it Christmas or whatever you want to call it. Just thought I’d post up a selfie because I never do and this year I some how avoided taking photos for the holidays. No Christmas photos with friends or family. It was this selfie that I didn’t take on Christmas. Which is a bit sad. Regardless of my semi sad realization I hope everyone had a family fun filled day of celebration. 

For my Christmas it was like any other. It was just me, my brother and my mum. We all woke up and kind of ate and talked like normal. Then we opened some presents and called it good. That was it. No giant family celebration with friends and drinking. I honestly wish my Christmas was like that but just having my mom and brother is good enough for me. 

Did anyone do anything exciting? Giant dinners? Tons of family that insists on photos? Awkward conversations with the in-laws? Please share! I’d enjoy to hear some funny awkward stories.

Anyways, this might be late but happy merry late (Insert holiday here) and happy new year just in case I forget later. Love you my tumblr friends! Talk to you guys soon.

anonymous asked:

What do you look like? Can you post a selfie?

Oh dear. LOL. That’s kind of awkward as a anon message. I actually don’t have many selfies on me at the moment. All I have is my twitter icon…. Which sure, I’ll post it but the photo is awkward as hell. I don’t know why I use it. lol… 

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It’s been over a year since we last shared a selection of photos of cats sleeping in strange places and impossibly awkward positions. Blaze Press assembled an amazing two-part collection of photos depicting cats doing their best - both asleep and awake - to prove a fundamental feline truth: no place is the wrong place for a cat.

Visit Blaze Press for many more photos.

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So it went kind of like this:

Me: Hi, it’s really cool to meet you. I love you as an actor! Can you hold this sword for me?

Bradley: Ummm, okay sure… what should I do with it?

Me: Just hold it up and pretend we’re fighting

Bradley: …. is this okay?

Me: Perfect!

the photo was taken and he passed the sword back

Bradley: This sword is a bit smaller then the ones I’m used to

Me: haha I bet. We’re going to go now. Thanks.


The result; the most uncomfortable picture of Bradley James I have ever seen.