I feel like giving out my opinions & want not. (pt1.)

AirBoom vs. AwesomeTruth.

I lost 10 dollars on this match. I bet on AwesomeTruth & what a fuck up. I’m glad Bourne won for my rookie’s sake, but disappointed nonetheless. I expected AwesomeTruth to win—cause, come on, they’re a little more put together. All AirBoom really has going for them is they’re always perky, extremely happy, and faces. Match was a B-.

Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase.

Loved to hear Ted’s music again. Loved even more that I made my 10 dollars back, as I made the bet for Rhodes. Jus’ because I don’t like his hideous gimmick doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s a decent wrestler. Uh, plus I just had a gut feeling. Match was a B; nothing too fancy.